Gluten Free Thanksgiving Menu for Gluttons

I will give you a typical Thanksgiving menu. Most of these recipes are in my cookbook, Throw the Wheat in the Sea.  This year my Thanksgiving will include many of these dishes but also my girls (daughter in laws) are building this Thanksgiving meal, so they will bring and make some THEIR dishes.  Gluten free is easy, it is preparing all of these dishes by noon with two ovens and 5 stove tops, one oven and 4 stove tops is even trickier!  I will give you my ‘cooking plan’ also, though it never goes exactly as planned.


Turkey -small guy because on I like turkey

Ham (recipe to show soon) HUGE because everyone eats this.

Cornbread dressing


Broccoli with Hollandaise

Green Beans

Sweet potato casserole or Sweet Potatoes

‘Olive plate’

Deviled Eggs

Tapioca Rolls

Buttermilk Pecan Pie

Pumpkin Pie (on back of can of pumpkin)

I try to make the cornbread on the Saturday before TG, if not I plan meals prior to TG to have cornbread and make an extra pan each time. Once I have all the cornbread I need, I make and add the onion, celery, butter ,spice mixture to the crumbs and put in covered pan or storage bags- I figure I am taking up fridge storage anyway.


Make and bake pies/desserts.

Thursday– Dinner at 1:00


Ham goes in oven to cook up to 6 hours, as I start breakfast for guests. Turkey  goes in for 2.5 hours

Boil giblets-

Go take shower and dress for day– maybe not THE shirt yet.

Start breakfast by 7 AM


Pour drippings off of turkey, pour all but 1 cup over dressing, which was prepared before, and put in oven for 1 hour.

Boil 2 dozen eggs

Build Sweet potato casserole- if making. OR peel and chop potatoes.

Cut up giblets

Prepare gravy.

It is bound to be 10 by now.  Get the dressing out. leave covered near ‘warm’ area. Put potatoes in oven – for 30 minutes

Peel eggs.

Make deviled eggs.

10:30 ish

Potatoes out. gravy is ready and covered. Turn off oven and put potatoes and dressing in oven to stay warm.

Prepare beans.

If making spice sweet potatoes instead of casserole, prepare after beans or at same time.

11 AM

Steam broccoli

Build ‘olive tray’

Set table or hire someone to.


Prepare Rolls- .

Brew tea

Ham is ready- pull out to set. — put rolls in this oven to cook.

Prepare hollandaise sauce.

Drain broccoli and pour hollandaise on


Give everything stove cooked a quick warm up and start putting foods into serving dishes- call somebody into carve ham and turkey (unless being TV traditional and carving at table)

Get rolls out of oven.

Add water to brewed tea.


Praise God, really.

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