A Little Dab Will Do Ya

I attended a health fair recently as a Glutino and Udi’s ambassador with a little bit of Gluten Free Queen thrown in.  Most of the people that came through knew what gluten intolerance is., or at least have heard of that gluten stuff .  There were several who actually were gluten intolerant and of those, about half said ” I don’t do gluten most of the time, but sometimes I do have a little because I can’t find gluten free buns or pizza or pasta, but only about once a week” I would smile and show them a Glutino product to meet their needs and tell them where they could purchase it locally. All the time biting my tongue and not telling them they were wasting their time not eating wheat ‘most of the time’ even if it was only once a month they ate wheat.

I will rant now.

If you are gluten intolerant. And you are. Don’t eat wheat in any form or fashion EVER. Would you drink a glass of water with a drop do feces in it? Gross, I know, but actually a drop of feces will do you less harm than one wheat filled elbow noodle. The acid and enzymes in your stomach will attack and annihilate the bacteria in the poo drop. There is nothing in your body that can digest the gluten, nothing. So, it just sits there, that hamburger bun, coating your stomach with gluten. Gumming up the villi so they can not absorb nutrients into the body. The villi begin to lay flat and cover the lining of the stomach and intestines diminishing the absorption area. Not only can nutrients not be absorbed but the mucus that is needed to keep the acid, that is breaking down the food, from eating holes in the stomach and intestine cannot get throughout the sick villa. The body starts to attack itself and this now foreign body, un-digested gluten, the immune system has gone awry. All because you could not eat that burrito in a corn tortilla. Antibodies start to attack your body, joints hurt, migraines occur, psoriasis flair. Chemical reactions occur in the brain, sleep disorders, nightmares, mood swings, depression are the results of a pizza you just had to order in. The pancreas, liver,gall bladder,uterus,ovaries,lymph glands and thyroid all begin to malfunction from being starved of the necessary nutrients and minerals. Because you have not eaten any wheat gluten for a month, but everyone had a beer so you had to have one too.

It is not worth it. Stop riding the fence. Quit wheat/gluten for good, for your good. You can now have gluten free pizza, cake,cookies, beer, bread, buns, pasta. You can go to Johnny Carino’s and get gluten fee pizza and pasta ( ask twice though, they do make mistakes) Green leaf has gluten free almost everything. Chocolate Thunder from down under at Outback can satisfy everyone’s chocolate craving. Wheat gluten IS the same as eating crap, one drop is too much💩

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