Wash Your Hands of Vaccine(s)

It looks as if we may be coming to that new normal the government and media have been speaking of, when we get released from hiding from Covid 19. Trump has given the ok to the governors to give the ok to the people that we can get out, if we are good boys and girls and wash our hands and cover our mouths.

There is a plan to test the public for Covid 19- Not sure if it is for every living being in this nation, or those with symptoms. I am not trusting the ‘tests’ they have. The tests are being invented as I type this. We are not sure of the accuracy nor of what the tests actually detect. Is it all coronovirusus? Can it differentiate between the cold, the flu and the Covid 19 virus? Is it testing antibodies of  coronavirus or the actual active infection of, and is that accurate? If you test positive and are asymptomatic, and maybe a carrier, or just have antibodies, can they tell which? What will they do to or with those that are positive? What kind of mark do the positives and negatives receive?

There is talk of a vaccine, immunization.  I am more apprehensive of this than the Covid test.  Again this is not tested, it has just been thrown together in the last few weeks. There is no research at all for the immediate or long term effects of a Covid vaccine.

This vaccine, unlike the test, is injecting foreign material (mutated, virus and carrier) into a healthy (and not) body.  Other peoples plasma, that seem to have some kind of natural immunity or developed immunity to the virus. Or it could be the virus itself, mutated and mixed with chicken blood or aborted human tissue (YES this is how they make them). The intent of a vaccine is to introduce the virus to the body, a mutated virus, in the hopes that the body will build antibodies to the virus.  This is why many will get ‘a little’ sick after a vaccine. We are infected with the actual virus we are trying to prevent. This vaccine as well as most vaccines are just preventatives, they do not eradicate the virus. Most immunizations, are really just booster shots, a hope to boost the immunity. Kind of an introduction to the body of the bad germ, so it knows when it sees it to kill it. Hopefully. I suspect this new talked of immunization will be the same.

The thing is there is NOT enough known about this virus to be mutating it and injecting into a person. Especially those of us who have auto immune disease.  Which is pretty much everyone, in my opinion.

The definition of disease: | dəˈzēz | NOUN a disorder of structure or function in a human, animal, or plant, especially one that produces specific signs or symptoms or that affects a specific location and is not simply a direct result of physical injury.

Our disorders of Celiac, Crohns, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Psoriasis, Psoriatic arthritis, Graves, Hashimtos, Type 1 Diabetes, Multiple Sclerosis , Lupus, Endometriosis, Narcolepsy, EoE…. these, and the list goes on, is the result of our immune system attacking its host, us. The immune system gets hyper on something, over zealous. So not only do we suffer from the disease, but we suffer because our body spends it efforts on attacking something it shouldn’t then can’t attack what it should.

And the reason why? Because we are at least 2 generations of an immunized society.  Some are 3–4 generations of mutated injections. This is why there are no sooooo many with Autoimmune disease. We are mutants, but not in the cool super human have a rocking blue body freeze people with a touch, way. Side effects listed on immunizations are; fever, getting a mild case of the disease and developing an autoimmune disease ie: Gullien Barr syndrome, M.S. narcolepsy.. or an allergy to an ingredient of the mix, such as eggs.

So when the day comes that ‘they’ start demanding we vaccinate against this Covid 19, a virus, that sometimes has serious symptoms, but most of the time not. Use your autoimmune disease as your way out. Take joy in those swollen joints, flakey skin, wasted muscles, degenerating sight and say NO.

Your doctor may completely agree. Your doctor may be one of those who compromises and follows the crowd. Mine rides the fence. She always offers the Flu shot, I always remind her I have auto immune diseases and they are unsafe for me. She agrees and then says ‘They tell me to offer to everyone.” Really? What happened to ‘First do no harm.” ?

Check out this: 6 People who should not be vaccinated

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