Restaurant GF Menu’s

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  1. Do add to, comment, give your Gluten Free dining experience and favorites!!

    1. Tiffany says:

      Well, that’s what sidtues are showing right now. I honestly do wonder though. I think some ppl disagree w/ sidtues about gluten not harming the intestines if you’re gluten sensitive. And also, it’s So hard to find out if you’re gluten sensitive or have celiac disease. For ex, I tested negative for celiac disease, but sometimes those blood tests are wrong. So I always wonder in the back of my head, what if I do have it. I think I would be A LOT more cautious about cross contamination at restaurants if I knew I had celiac. More sidtues need to be done, in my opinion…but of course I’m hoping that they are right about no intestinal damage.

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