Gluten Bigots

Why are the people who are too stupid to understand what gluten is and the damages it does, continually confronting those who have the intelligence to remove gluten from our diets?  Why is ‘no gluten’ used as a joke in movies, sitcoms and late night?  No one makes fun of a diabetic taking insulin.  No…

Auto Immune Disease 101

Auto immune disease is so interesting and not as complicated as they sound. We  all have have an immune system. A group of  cells and tissues and organs. Working together. Making saliva, gastric juices,  skin, white blood cells, chemicals,within our bodies. Neutrophils. Eosinophils. Monocytes. Basophils. Lymphocytes. Antibodies.  A special team, protecting all of the body…

Wheat is Hiding

The gluten booger is hidden deep in the caverns of food additives.

Grain Free/Paleo

I ,we,have been grain free for about a month. And sugar free. And dairy free.  I am trying trying trying to lose some weight. Again. I have been gluten free completely, for about 10 years now.(20+ years for some of my family, and my ‘in home’ diet). I decided to go the extra mile after finding…

Gluten Intolerance IS the Issue

Please, please, for you sake watch this video! This is one of, if not the best description of gluten intolerance- and Celiac and all that other stuff I keep trying to convey to the whole world about GLUTEN. Celiac – is just a name given to a bunch of people who ‘pass’ the blood test….