DANGER- Poison

Sodium azide is potentially deadly chemical,an odorless white solid. When mixed with water or an acid, it changes quickly into a toxic gas.When it comes in contact with solid metals, i.e. a copper or lead pipe, it changes to a toxic gas, hydrazioic acid.  The gas produced does have an odor, but may not be enough to warn people of the danger.

Within minutes of breathing Sodium azide or if you eat it, or it is absorbed through your skin, you could develop these symptoms: clear drainage from nose(breath)




Nausea and vomiting

Rapid breathing

Rapid heart rate

Red eyes



Skin burns(contact)

Large amount of SA exposure:


Low blood pressure

Loss of consciousness

Lung injury

Respiratory Failure

Slow heart rate

The results of sodium azide poisoning varies, dependent on the amount and the venue of the poisoning.

Sodium Azide is lethal. Concentrated amounts will kill.   Sodium azide prevents the cells of the body from using oxygen, this causes the cells to die. SA is more harmful to the heart and bran than the other organs, because of their extreme need of oxygen.  Brain damage and heart damage are to be expected if one survives exposure to Sodium Azide

CDC lists Sodium Azide as a chemical hazard, and the how-to of disposal and first aide.

Where is sodium azide? How do you prevent poisoning?

Sodium Azide is in airbags, it is used to ‘combust’ and explode the bags.

Sodiom Azide is used in hospitals and laboratories as a chemical preservative. There are several precautions taken to prevent exposure to this.

Sodium Azide is use in detonators and other explosives.

All precaution are taken in hospitals and labs to prevent exposure. Immediate action it taken when one is exposed to it.  Those that work with sodium azide building explosives and airbags take every precaution necessary to prevent exposure.

The general public are completely safe from exposure to Sodium Azide.

Or are we?

Sodium Azide is used in agriculture, farming, for pest control, Sodium Azide is radiated, injected, mutated into wheat. The wheat is MUTATED, it becomes bug resistant, disease resistant, and produced in more abundance. The mutagen enters the cell of the living organism s to interact with the DNA….  The disease that interacts, the bug that eats, is altered,to death, by the mutated wheat protein(gluten). Is there any possibility the human could be affected?  Yes.

This could be why EVERYONE has suddenly become wheat/gluten intolerant. , we are being poisoned by sodium azide in the wheat.

Check it what others have found out about this. Don’t stay ignorant, be well.   http://www.wheatbellyblog.com/2011/07/herbicide-resistant-wheat/.


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