BEST GF Eats In Texas, so Far. 

Went to Austin this weekend,  the the land of trees and bluebonnet’s and gluten free abundance.            The in between Midland and Austin is filled with gluten free ignorance. Then Austin itself, as with most of the ‘big’ cities, Find Me Gluten free is in the double digits. If we ask of gluten content or gluten free menu the response is NOT “Huh?”

We went to my favorite find in Austin, Wildwood BakeHouse, for our Friday night meal.  Chicken Fried Steak with creamy gravy, was mine, and a Greens Duble Dark beer. I was stuffed to the gills so I bought, whoopie pies, a chocolate and a lemon cupcake and a fresh warm cinnamon roll to take back to the hotel. This restaurant is ALL gluten free not a thing has gluten.  My brother is is not gluten free (stupid guy) LOVES their food, does not even notice he is not eating gluten.

On the menu  you may notice- BRUNCH on Sunday.  So we went back Sunday, before heading back into the abyss of glutenfull West Texas.   It was out of this world.  I can honestly say I have never eaten this well gluten free for breakfast, that I did not have to make it.  I had waffles, and the best buttery biscuits and gravy AND cinnamon infused French toast and bacon AND fried chicken strips, and bites of decadent blueberry bread, and lemon poppy seed. I skipped the enchiladas, and BBQ chicken and greens and macaroni and cheese and other veggies.  It was AMAZING.  We ate far too much.  Because we could. Because we knew we would not get to eat this way again, unless I made all of it, and I wouldn’t be anytime soon.

Breaking gluten free bread and eating food with no qualms of being ‘gluttened’ with the patrons of Wildwood was a  spiritual thing. All of us, one, inhaling good gluten free food, and nothing but gluten free.

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