Scan 165My Stats:


37 years married

1 husband, my true love.

3 Sons- all grown men now.

2 Daughter in Laws

7 GRANDchildren

1 mini horse

4 parents, 2 raised me, 2 conceived me, only 1 is alive.

1 adoption, mine.

3 men I voted for became President, the conservative ones. Surprisingly pleased with the president we have now, though I didn’t vote for him.

55 year resident of Texas

4 dogs

1 Gluten Free cookbook written. More to come

24 years since 1st diagnosis of Celiac in family

13  family diagnosed with Celiac The tally will go up.

1 cat. Another that is shared.

2 websites/blogs: deletewheat.com & christypetty.wordpress.com

10+ murals painted

0 gluten in my home

1 personality,that varies

Wish I was 40lbs less

2 Toyota’s

7.123 billion people, I believe are gluten intolerant. (approximate world population)

1 house built, by my own hands, with a little help from husband, yet all the credit goes to God. .

0 the amount of wheat/gluten, I eat.

1 God and Savior

1 Goal: 7.123 billion people following my blog(s) Deletewheat & I’m Not So Petty,  believing in Jesus Christ as their only way for eternal life with God AND living completely gluten free in this world. True freedom.

I don’t number  friends, I consider everyone a friend, until they aren’t. My family, lifetime and biological all count a great deal to me, because they made me who I am, and I am pretty darn special (still have a hard time believing that, though)

Read me. Learn from me. Hear me. Enjoy me. Laugh with me. Cry with me. Share with me. Be with me. Follow me (BOTH blogs). Talk to me.

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  1. Jay & Tina says:

    How was your dinner? From Thai Tina’s… Love your website, can’t wait to dig in! Looking forward to trying some of your recipes.

    1. Dinner and Lunch were amazing, as always!! Not only the best Thai I have had, but it is always and forever gluten free. It is amazing

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