I Do For You

I am a gluten free living coach.  I KNOW gluten free living inside and out. I am your best tool to get off of wheat and living free of gluten forever.

Going gluten/wheat free can be daunting.  It seems that gluten/wheat is in EVERYTHING!

You may think there is no way to eliminate wheat from your diet, your home, your life…..

But there is!! And it really is easy!! I promise.

I can come into your home and help you get past the gluten. Set up shopping list, menus, pantries, your life, to be gluten free.  I can show you  how to cook, gluten free, in just a day. We can go out to restaurants and I will show you what to ask, who to trust, so you can eat out and be safe from being glutened. In addition I will be available for online discussions

I can help you get free of wheat and live. 

Contact me:: delete wheat@gmail.com : 432-770-3616 and lets talk price and get started.



i do

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