Gluten Free and More

It has been a bit. Lots and lots of changes, growth and loss. All positive.

About a year and a half ago my husband and I decided to ‘get healthy’. We endured the idiocy of the year of COVID and masks and fear. Keith worked from home that year. Then the company Keith worked for sold to another and they did not retain their ‘older’ employees nor move any over to the new company that had previously worked for the new company- Keith met both criteria, We decided then, because we were no longer insured and had added a few more extra pounds to our extra pounds we needed to be healthy. No more meds to fix aches and pains and lower bp.

We found Restore Wellness in Abilene, with Dr’s Ken and Sheila Patterson. I have found that gluten is NOT my only poison. Pretty much all grains, dairy, soy, sugar and of course nightshades, just don’t work for me. You might be looking at that list and say , ‘Well what is left ?” My answer : Health! I feel better than I have in years and years. I have lost 3/4 of the weight I needed to. Psoriatic arthritis is gone, no constant headaches, low blood pressure, sleep all night, psoriasis gone, never ever a gut issue. AND I get to eat lots of good food, I don’t really miss a thing. Same with Keith.

If you are gluten free and still having health issues, consider what other poison you are ingesting. The foods we are eating today are not the foods God intended to fuel his perfect creations. Modified with additives and dyes and processed sugar and dairy from cows that have been injected with more poison, that is not from God.

Go Paleo. Go Keto. Go Whole 30. Go throw out all the poison in the sea.

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