Thai’s Tina Again, & Again & Again

If you are in Fort Worth you MUST go to Thai’s Tina.  If you love Thai Food you have to go to Fort Worth and go to Thai’s Tina.  If you want to eat out gluten free, with no fears, go to Thai’s Tina. 

We ran across Tina’s when staying at the Embassy in downtown Fort Worth, and we will never be the same.  Now every time we go to Fort Worth, which is becoming more and more frequent, due to Evans perpetual ulcer, we eat at Tina’s.  I promise it is worth the trip. 

Thai food is usually gluten free, anyway, because soy sauce is not used usually. Tina has taken care of those dishes that do contain soy sauce by making her own in house soy sauce

Tina understands gluten intolerance, she herself is. Tina is an advocate for any and everyone to be gluten free. She has experienced the benefits of removing wheat from her diet and she wants everyone to. 

Go get some gluten free Thai food at Tina’s.  And if it is to far to drive, do it anyway and stay at th Embassy. You can take your left overs to the room and have a midnight snack. 

BEST GF Eats In Texas, so Far. 

Went to Austin this weekend,  the the land of trees and bluebonnet’s and gluten free abundance.            The in between Midland and Austin is filled with gluten free ignorance. Then Austin itself, as with most of the ‘big’ cities, Find Me Gluten free is in the double digits. If we ask of gluten content or gluten free menu the response is NOT “Huh?”

We went to my favorite find in Austin, Wildwood BakeHouse, for our Friday night meal.  Chicken Fried Steak with creamy gravy, was mine, and a Greens Duble Dark beer. I was stuffed to the gills so I bought, whoopie pies, a chocolate and a lemon cupcake and a fresh warm cinnamon roll to take back to the hotel. This restaurant is ALL gluten free not a thing has gluten.  My brother is is not gluten free (stupid guy) LOVES their food, does not even notice he is not eating gluten.  

On the menu  you may notice- BRUNCH on Sunday.  So we went back Sunday, before heading back into the abyss of glutenfull West Texas.   It was out of this world.  I can honestly say I have never eaten this well gluten free for breakfast, that I did not have to make it.  I had waffles, and the best buttery biscuits and gravy AND cinnamon infused French toast and bacon AND fried chicken strips, and bites of decadent blueberry bread, and lemon poppy seed. I skipped the enchiladas, and BBQ chicken and greens and macaroni and cheese and other veggies.  It was AMAZING.  We ate far too much.  Because we could. Because we knew we would not get to eat this way again, unless I made all of it, and I wouldn’t be anytime soon. 

Breaking gluten free bread and eating food with no qualms of being ‘gluttened’ with the patrons of Wildwood was a  spiritual thing. All of us, one, inhaling good gluten free food, and nothing but gluten free. 

POTUS To Be, Celiac Is Real


I dropped a note to Senator Ted Cruz today, on his senate website. I had heard he mentioned NOT supplying gluten free MRE’s to the troops, should they need them. Referring to gluten free MRE’s as being political correctness or social experiments

I really don’t think Cruz intended to say the Celiacs of the nation are not military material, as the liberal media twisted his meaning. His comment being preceded with “the last thing a commander should need to worry about …. ” seems to be pointing to the point being made is NOT anti gluten free, it is of the POTUS really should not be dealing with such things. Anymore than the POTUS should have an agenda against McDonalds.😉

My Note:

I am 100% supporting Ted Cruz for president, even with his opinion/ignorance of Celiac and Gluten intolerance. It is because of my full support of Mr. Cruz that I want to inform, a bit, on his gluten free statement in N.C.

Granted, media could have very well taken most of what he said out of context, as they usually do, but just in case. There is a large amount of the United states population that are diagnosed with Celiac disease and an even larger amount who are given the label of gluten intolerant because the tests for celiac are not accurate. Then an even larger amount of peoples are not yet diagnosed. To call the need for gluten free foods a politically correct movement is just inaccurate.

I understand less government control. I understand knee jerk reaction to ‘political correctness’, but gluten free foods are not a part of either. If anything it is the opposition to gluten free living that falls into ‘political correctness.’.

Seriously consider reversing your comments on gluten free living. The diagnosed statistics of those diagnosed with Celiac is 1-100, that is a lot of votes! Many diagnosed with Celiac are hypersensitive in their ‘feelings’ as well as their guts. The Petty family though, still support and have voted for you in spite of your love of wheat.

Will Cruz read this? I am clueless. Will this statement lose him votes, maybe. I know the Gluten Free Dude who has tons of followers, had some choice words to share on Twitter about this.  I personally do not think Ted Cruz’s ignorance of Celiac takes away from his being the best man for POTUS.

The ignorance of gluten free living is the issue, it is ‘Umongus’ as the other one would say. Many, too many don’t know what gluten is, or how damaging it is to everyone. Those NOT eating gluten free are too quick to judge something they do not understand, have not tried.

I don’t understand this. Peanuts have been banned from just about every school for those with peanut allergies, approximately 1% of population.  5%-10% of all people are diagnosed gluten intolerant. AND it is estimated that 97% of those with Celiac are still undiagnosed.  This has nothing to do with politics.

People just don’t know what they don’t know. And we that KNOW have to let them know. We have to inform, to help them.  We, who are well, have to teach we have to explain that Celiac Disease is not a ‘disease’. Celiac is NOT a food allergy. Celiac is not just an autoimmune disorder. It is the immune system reacting to a toxic invasion of wheat/gluten. Wheat Gluten is poison to everyone and the symptoms we all have; migraine,arthritis, psoriasis, lymphoma, GERD, bone degeneration, asthma, IBS, Crohns,food allergies, thyroid disease… could all be the result of that poison.

Celiac/Gluten intolerance IS NOT a diet, it is not a fad, it is a necessity. For all of us.  Them too.

AND Now H.Pylori.

The helicobacter pylori looks like a jelly fish on it’s up push swim.  This bacteria is called H.Pylori and it infects the gut of just about everyone, eventually. If you got an ulcer there is a 90% chance this nasty dude ate that hole in your stomach.

Remember the days when the docs would tell us stress, and smoking and drinking and spicy foods caused ulcers? Some may still. They figured out in 1982 it was this bug.  The stress, smoking, drinking and spicy foods, just allow it to thrive and do it’s dirty work.

Actually most people are infected with this bacteria, cause it is easily passed around. It is just those who have weak immune systems or auto-immune disease, i.e. Celiac,  that H.Pylori messes with. Some research even suggests it can be good for the gut, IF the immune system can handle it. But that can’t last too long, we all get sick, and we all get stressed and then this little booger can really cause some damage.

H.Pylori does not like the acid in the stomach so it burrows itself into the lining where the pH is less acidic.  It also farts/poops urease, which breaks down urea changing it to carbon dioxide and ammonia, and the ammonia neutralizes the stomach acid. — Then the body gets confused and produces more acid, and then GERD, and eventually ulcer.

Interesting thing about H.Pylori is it is like Celiac, in that it really has no symptoms of it’s own.  The GERD, caused from to much acid, from the body trying to right itself. The damaged stomach lining is more susceptible to an ulcer, then there would be ulcer symptoms. Also the damaged stomach lining could cause an issue with absorption, then the lack of the nutrients absorbed through the gut could cause issue (ADEK, Magnesium, Potassium, B12) Also the lack of nutrients and the scarring from the acid and the ulcers could lead to stomach and lymphoma cancers. So the secondary is the cause of symptoms. Just like celiac. Celiac, the immune system attacks the gluten that is not digested and……

H.Pylori is like Celiac, in that, far more people have it than don’t. And most who have it don’t know they do.  Doctors treat the symptoms of GERD, ulcers, nutrient deficiency and don’t look for the cause. It is the Darwin attitude, spontaneous generation of symptoms.  Truth is our bodies are perfectly made, each function compliments the next, when they do not, when there is a fail, there is a cause, and it needs to be found . I digress…. or do I?

Then another commonality the tests for H.Pylori are not very efficient,nor accurate.

  • The breath test, the patient drinks urea drink (ewww)then the CO2 put off in stomach is measured.  If PPI or Antibiotic intake too recent, a false negative could occur.
  • Biopsy- supposed to be the best. It is invasive in that needs endoscopy. And the cuts need to be where the ulcerative area is, getting a ‘piece’ of the bacteria to see.
  • Blood and Stool- again meds can cause a false negative. Residual meds more likely in blood and stool.
  • Celiac- antibody IgA can be genetically low causing test results to be negative. The body immune system could be at a rest and not putting off antibody (maybe no gluten to attack) .

So again, if the man made test fails, so will the diagnosis.

There are differences between H.Pylori and Celiac.

Celiac we are born with, H.Pylori we are infected with.

The infection of H.Pylori is fairly simple to come by. It is ingested. Germs in water, on hands, on food from hands, on mouths….on endoscopes not cleaned properly.

H.Pylori can be killed and symptoms disappear, with triple therapy 2 antibiotics and a proton pump inhibiter.  Take about 20 pills a day for 14 days.  Celiac, is an auto immune disease that does not go away, but the symptoms can be alleviated or diminished if you take all gluten out of your diet.

If you have an ulcer, it is probably H.Pylori. If you have GERD, it could be H.Pylori. If you have Celiac and still having digestive issues, you may need to check for H.Pylori. So many of us blame the hidden wheat and it could be the hiding bug.

For My Gluten Free Friends

i do

A friend recently had her doctor suggest that she eat gluten free for two weeks. He believes she will feel much better and much of what ails her will dissipate.  He had his wife do the same and he  said it was life changing for her. ( I assume he too is GF)  I  believe it! I am and always be an advocate for removing gluten from the diet. Celiac or not, our bodies are just not programmed to digest the stuff.  Who needs something indigestible in their bodies? It is like eating rocks.

As friend and I were grazing the salad bar,she was asking me of the foods she already knowing that. I then remembered our beginnings of gluten free life, and how intimidating it seemed, yet I now I know it is not.

We have been gluten free for over 20 years, it is easy, NOW. I know what I can eat and don’t really think much about what I cant anymore.  I guess it may be a bit like the Jewish diet of kosher, no pork. They probably don’t think about it much, it is just what they do.  That is the way eating GF is for myself.  But those who are just starting, it is a different story. It is foreign.  Not having to think about where wheat is, then needing to read all labels, and finding it in everything, can be overwhelming.

It has not become easier with all the gluten free foods being added to the shelves. Ironically it seems a bit more difficult, to have all the choice.

There is a lot of misinformation and over cautious informationabout eating gluten free.There is no secret handshake needed to be privy to this info. Nor do you have to have a gold plated registration with CFA. We that ‘know’ gluten free, should be sharing more. Even if it does cut into our ‘business’ as coaches,(hire me page) dietitians, and the like.  My thought on this is, give freely then if they want more they will pay. 😉

This is gluten free living 101:


  • Fresh
  • Meat
  • **Vegetables
  • Eggs
  • Fruit
  • *Milk and products
  • Liquors ( though Vodka is a night shade that could give issue)
  • Wine
  • *Corn
  • Rice
  • Soy
  • Tapioca (cassava)
  • beans
  • quinoa
  • buckwheat
  • amaranth
  • arrowroot
  • millet
  • quinoa
  • sorghum
  • nuts
  • *oats (Yes they ARE gluten free)
  • Gluten free soy sauce and sauces.
  • *Some have issues with casein and have difficulty digesting corn and oats in addition to being gluten intolerant.

** Many, if not all Celiacs have some issues with the toxins in nightshades; potatoes, tomatoes, onions, peppers, eggplant, goji berries. In moderation many can. I personally have issue with combinations i.e.: french fries with ketchup, salsa, Tomato sauce with onions.

Foods labeled gluten free should all be safe.  Those that are labeled gluten free by some magical removal of wheat should be ‘tested’ before ingesting great quantity. If you react, stop.

When you eat out:

  • Eat Salad bar,
  • Steak,
  • Grilled meats (not blackened)
  • Order bunless
  • Ask for gluten free menu- confirm order when served

Cooking gluten free.

  • Buy my cookbook
  • You can do what ever you ever did, just with gluten free foods. Really.

When in question of a food check it out here:

Focus on what you can have… Which is just about everything not pre ‘fabbed’. and everything labeled gluten free

Stop here and you can be gluten free.  

IF you want to know what you can not have….Continue….

The Obvious: 

  • Anything that is wheat flour. (duh
  • Bread whole wheat or white or rye or pumpernickel.  No bread with any wheat in it.)

Not so duh: 

  • wheat starch
  • wheat bran
  • wheat germ
  • couscous
  • cracked wheat
  • durum
  • einkorn
  • emmer
  • farina
  • faro
  • fu (common in Asian foods)
  • gliadin
  • graham flour
  • kamut
  • matzo
  • semolina
  • spelt
  • barley
  • bulgur
  • rye
  • seitan
  • triticale and Mir
  • Pasta
  • Cookies
  • Crackers
  • Pastries
  • Cakes
  • Doughnuts
  • Pizza
  • Battered and Fried foods
  • Beer

The Hidden:

  • Soy Sauce: most is made of wheat- But not ALL!
  • Soups and gravy
  • Fake lobster
  • French Fries from: McDonalds, Burger King, Chilis, Taco Villa ….. Many restaurants have precut coated with wheat fries.
  • Chips with cheese flavoring or ranch flavorings, read label
  • Chips fried in restaurants, can have cross contamination. Ask if dedicated fryer/
  • Pringles chips… all of them
  • Modified food starch, this can be wheat. Unless specified corn or tapioca.
  • Hydrolyzed anything, can be wheat whipped.
  • Malt liquor
  • Malt
  • barley malt
  • barley
  • rye
  • Taco Bell taco shells
  • Taco Villa meat
  • Blue Bell Dutch Chocolate
  • Blue cheese (true blue cheese is made from mold from bread. Blech!)

Eating out: 

  • This probably has gluten: Soups, Sauces, Blackened, fried, crusted
  • Types of restaurants to avoid: Italian, Mexican, Fried Chicken chains, Cajun, Chinese, mom and pop diners.
  • There are exceptions though. Many of the big chains have GF menus now.
  • Restaurants to avoid: Taco Bell, Taco Villa, McDonalds, Burger King, Schlotzkys, IHop(eggs even have batter in them),

Remember too, you wont starve if you just cant find anything gluten free for one meal.  Get a glass of tea and grab  that a GF snack bar, or apple that you carry with for just these occasions.

Focus on the ‘Do’ list.