You ARE Starving for Magnesium

I can not push enough on magnesium.  For EVERYONE!  No one gets enough mag, because no one is absorbing correctly. Even those of the world who don’t think or admit they have gluten intolerance.

The body absorbs

  • 40% of magnesium through the small intestine.
  • 5% of magnesium through the large intestine
  • 55% of magnesium is waste

Magnesium taken orally is absorbed through the small intestine villa. All of we with celiac/gluten intolerance know our villa are damaged. If you are ingesting gluten, your villa are mucked up with gluten, at least, because gluten is indigestible by all.

Lets pretend someone actually does digest gluten, they still will not absorb the full 40%.

They are eating foods that hinder magnesium absorption Non fermentable, insoluble fiber, high in phytates & oxalates.  :

  • Whole grains
  • bran
  • seed hulls
  • nut hulls
  • flours
  • beans
  • soy
  • some leafy greens
  • tea
  • coffee
  • cacao

Then to add to the hinderance,  those foods consumed that are supposed to have magnesium are now depleted of the levels they should have due to: starving soil, pesticides, fertilizers.

AND once these nutrient depleted foods are delivered to be processed, what little magnesium they contain is removed with processing. Grains and nuts are superheated into oils, magnesium dissolves away. Chemical additives to preserve, color, and enhance flavor, destroys magnesium.  Refining the food removes all the magnesium. Sugar is actually good for us, straight from the sugar cane. It becomes useless only after it is refined and the molasses is removed,. 1TB of molasses contains 25% of RDA of magnesium.

The absolute best way to get our magnesium and get well is not through our mouth/gut.IF you could absorb it all, it could take up to 5 years to restore the deficiency you have.  I was taking liquid mag orally. The magnesium drops taste horrible to me. The powdered form that you mix with water is not much better. In addition to the nastiness, I could never regulate the amount I needed, to be ‘regular’.

The answer is through the skin,(transdermal) within weeks you could be back to normal magnesium levels and seeing amazing changes in your health. Just spray, splash, rub, magnesium oil onto your back (for some reason it does not itch there) every day.  You can buy mag oil or you can make your own. You could even make it into a lotion if you are extra talented.    Here is a great recipe for mag oil : How to Make Your Own Magnesium Oil.

What will you be curing? EVERYTHING!!!  Magnesium is absolutely positively essential for life. Check out these posts on Magnesium deficiency: Magnesium Deficiency Symptoms and Diagnosis, Magnesium the Great News, Magnesium What you need to know

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