Gluten Free Tennis Anyone?

I read an article/ promo of Novak Djokovic’s book and being Gluten free. Pretty interesting, I for one think we all would benefit from getting rid of wheat, it really does not have any reason to be in our diet. I also KNOW for sure that many more people have Celiac than are diagnosed, and they probably never will be diagnosed. Most doctors in this world are ignorant of all celiac can ’cause’  or conspiring against the world by not diagnosing, for job security.  So I am all on board for another to be touting gluten removal for the health of all!

The bread on the stomach part… a bit chiropractic witch doctorish to me.  IF that were to be something that actually worked we would have Celiacs passing out as they walked past bakeries. We don’t have immediate reaction to ingesting hidden gluten, I really doubt bread touching the skin could bring us to our knees. It is things like this that lose us (Gluten Intolerent Fanatics) ground. Kind of like the Bennie-Hin-type-evangelist blowing people over, make we Christians authenticity questionable.

Another misspeak, on the part of Novak Djokovic; the advice eat gluten free for 2 weeks and add back to see how sick you get.  2 weeks is not enough.  The body needs time to heal. Everything has been damaged. The gut, the blood, the skin, the brain, the metabolism… Most gastro’s (good ones that know what they are doing) will prescribe 6 months of gf and then they will do return biopsies, to see if healing is happening.  Our gastro made the statement after all of tests were done, positive results returned, that he still would not diagnose celiac disease until he saw recovery.  He NEVER ever wanted to test by putting the gluten back in. That would take us back to square one!  As I said, symptoms are rarely immediate, the immune system starts to tear at the body when it finds the hated gluten. The damage from the over zealous immune system may take weeks to emerge. The writer, Jim Caple, of the article says he did not feel any different after jumping off the wagon. Though he did develop a slight cold. Not being educated, on autoimmune disease, he did not consider the cold may have actually been his immune system being weakened by the gluten intake, and failed to conquer the cold virus.

Instead of eating wheat to feel bad in 2 weeks, I think all should take note on how much better they are feeling. And take in to account every slight malady that disappears, be it a pimple after eating chocolate, or the migraine you usually get once a week.  Our son, immediately was relieved of all gastric issues. He began gaining weight. His personality changed within days. We had no idea how lethargic and moody he was, until he began bubbling over with energy. Hopefully Novak Djokovic’s fans will choose to go gluten-free, from his testimony of healing, and many more will jump on our gluten free band wagon.

The writer of the article is like too many who are introduced to celiac/gluten intolerance. They get caught up in it being a ‘disease’ and the tests of confirming, it being an illness.  Had Novak Djokovic gone Paleo and said it was the next best thing to sliced gluten-free bread (and skipped telling the bread rubbing), everyone would be choosing the diet and screaming it from the roof tops. They would also be eating gluten-free.

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