It AIN’T Your Gall Bladder

Gall bladder surgery has become the catch all surgery of anything gut related.  And it is UNNECESSARY “Take out the gall bladder.” is the MD’s answer to your complaints of :

● Nausea
● Bloating
● Burping
● Constipation
● Belching
● Indigestion
● Headache
● Diarrhea
● Gas
● The color of stools can change
● Abdominal pain
● Vomiting
● Sensitivity to fatty foods

HMMM, if one is intolerant to wheat or have celiac they have:

● Nausea
● Bloating
● Burping
● Constipation
● Belching
● Indigestion
● Headache
● Diarrhea
● Gas
● The color of stools can change
● Abdominal pain
● Vomiting
● Sensitivity to fatty foods

Two other symptoms that are ‘given to’  GB are

 ● Pain under the ribs, on the right side

● Pain in the right shoulder

This pain is caused by the phrenic nerve and or Vagus nerve  which is located near the liver, pancreas and GB and ‘connects’ to the right shoulder. The pressure from  inflammation on the nerve (s) cause the pain in the shoulder.   inflammation from ANY of these organs. If the liver , pancreas, or GB are all or any are inflamed then pressure could be on these nerves.  Deduction? Shoulder pain or right side pain are NOT exclusive to GB attack. Gall Bladder & Shoulder Pain |

The Gall bladder and pancreas provide enzyme to break down fat soluble vitamins.  BUT Gall bladder needs fat to contract or it needs CKK which is a hormone made by the duodenum which is stimulated by fat, the digestion of, once it reaches the duodenum. (we are back to chicken or egg again). Stomach needs to digest fat/fat soluble, to make the CKK which causes the GB to contract and empty bile to break down the fats/fat soluble. — Low fat diets can cause the GB to become sluggish and not empty well.  So what would happen if the fats are not being digested at all, as in gluten intolerance?

CKK or Cholesystokinin is a hormone produced by the duodenum. , secreted by the intestinal mucosa, the mucosa that is damaged by gluten. CKK is NEEDED to make the GB contract and spit out it’s bile (The Gall bladder is actually the bladder for the Liver bile) CKK is also an appetite suppressant. Is this why I have very little ‘turn off’ when it comes to eating?

Doctor Kozlowska concluded in research,those with gall bladder disease are celiac. From what I have researched and the years of seeing how EVERYTHING that goes wrong with my and my families bodies seems to be associated to gluten intake, I tend to agree. Seriously, I don’t see how you can get anywhere else.

Recently, a friend and fellow know-wheat-is-the-cause-mom, told me of conversation she had with a mom of a 12 year old girl who had her gall bladder removed, and how, now, it seemed her issue was/is celiac or gluten intolerance. We, both, were astounded that any doctor would remove the GB of one so young. We are not surprised though, that a doctor would not automatically look as gluten as being an issue. Wouldn’t make em any money, would it?

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  1. Jen bg says:

    So I had my appendix out 15 years ago and then major food digestive issues began for me. I cannot eat anything greasy or fatty. I have a lot of food allergies. I know I have issues with wheat and I avoid it. Unless its something sneaky I didn’t catch. I get the bloating, stomach aches, right shoulder pain. Yea the woks. I was once in bed from the right shoulder pain for 6 months. I had leaky gut from taking steroids for it. Got that healed up, but the gallbladder pain still comes and goes. I am not finding that mine is completely wheat related, but I know it’s a contributer. I am seeing a holistic dr and I’m frustrated. I’m better and eating finally more variety, but I’m not getting back to normal. I guess with the appendix gone I need daily probiotics. The doctor I see said GB removal would be a bad option if I can avoid it due to my low stomach acid issues already.

    It’s a real struggle, but I don’t miss wheat …. My whole family has almost all gone gluten free with me. Over processed and most wheat has been gmo’d like corn best to stay away.

    Keep fighting for your health!

  2. Sharon Bernhardt (nee Startup) says:

    I am 66 years old. I was born with a detached gall-bladder. At the age of 6 years I had reached rock-bottom and my GB had become a hard ‘ball’ the size of a tennis ball. I had emergency surgery to remove it and this actually saved my life (Dr. McGladdery, Gwelo Hospital, S. Rhodesia – at that time sent a full report through to Lancet). I never particulalry missed my GB and never had any noticeable problems digesting food). NOW, however at age 66 I find I cannot digest food and often have acid reflux at night. I am naturally fit and well (I last saw a doctor in 2009 for a completely unrelated issue). Could this be related to a gluten intolerance?

    1. It could very well be a gluten issue. Gluten is not really digested, it just passes through, maybe, eventually. Those that have digestive issues, i.e. GB removal (you are missing some digestive enzymes) are bound to be more sensitive to hard to digest or indigestable foods.

      Gluten by itself is not the cause of reflux, or IBS ,etc, it being in the body not going anywhere is. With age we stop absorbing everything as well as we did, then add the gluten leaking into our system and our body trying to get it out, we can start to have some real problems.

      Other than the aversion to change we all have, going off of wheat will do you no harm. Don’t believe those who say there are essential nutrients in wheat. It does no good for anyone anyway, because it can not be digested .

      Many are not diagnosed with celiac, or gluten intolerance until their later years. Our bodies can limp along quite well for decades and then finally, enough is enough.

  3. Lee says:

    Wow! Wish I had read this all in Jan 2013! Went through hellish gb attacks and finally surgery July. Still have a lot of same symptoms. I have had an incisional hernia that came about from returning to my job as a nurse too early and lifting patients. The hernia will have to be repaired and a mesh placed. I am starting a new job this Monday (not as a nurse) and will buy my own insurance thru the exchange for almost 200 a month. I am so afraid now.

    1. Lee says:

      Want to add that I really do think wheat is the problem….for almost everyone I know. Especially all the patients in the hospital! It’s awful that our food is not safe to eat. I thank you for having this discussion….i want to be healthy again. I am overwhelmed.

      1. First I want to apologize for not replying sooner- my comment alerts changed up… I do hope your holidays found you healing and getting better everyday! Having your gall bladder removed may not have been necessary, but it is done. I am sure it was inflamed and irritated and was giving you issues, probably because of the wheat, but now it is not there to be bothered ;). Now remove the wheat so that everything else can heal!! With out a GB your body will have an even HARDER time digesting that wheat gluten, it is now missing even more enzymes. Lean on all of your knowledge from nursing. Eat healthy, and fresh. Grilled meats and veggies. Don’t tell yourself you are not eating any wheat, just eat everything else. Your body can digest vegetables and meat and even milk so much easier without ALL the grains in the way. I would cut the corn and rice and oats for awhile, so you can give your gut a break. Then after a few months start putting some of those carbs back in. Carb free eating, and Paleo automatically remove wheat, check out some of those menus and glean from that. I think once you start recovering from the GB attack, the surgery, the shock of that not being the answer, on the GF diet, the overwhelm will go away!! Praying for healing, with out that nasty old wheat!!

  4. Dan. Kirwan says:

    I’m a neuropsychiatric patient (AVM, partial epilepsy, Aspberger’s, ad. nauseam. My acupuncturist told me to give up wheat. I figured why not? As I practice Taoist exercises and Chi Gong–which largely work, I figured the wheat fast would help; maybe keep a rein on seizures. Besides the head stuff, I thought I was in great shape.

    Nothing like now. As of last week I’m a half century old. In business and activity I can easily keep up with someone decades younger. I run like a banshee and I get winded and I’m supposed to be doubled over. Instead my breath and energy come back.

    I thrown away all my inhalants. My horrid allergies to cats and horses are gone! After a long ugly withdrawal–have no fear, it isn’t that way for everyone–I’m in enviable health, I have better ideas for my business. I’m infuriated in a way: If I had done this when I was 16 or 18, I’d’ve been an Olympic quality sprinter, but if I can witness to someone the very real and enjoyable health benefits of a wheat fast I will have done my job and both (or more) of us will be winners.

    I’m a baker now.

    1. So many that have gone wheat/gluten free have the same testimony. Going off wheat for one malady they find all their ills are wheat related. You don’t have to be celiac to quit killing yourself with wheat😉

  5. Kim says:

    I had NO Pain but was being checked for a stomach aneurysm ( because it runs on my Moms side) so no aneurysm was found but a mass and a thickening on the gallbladder wall was found and now my Dr wants to remove my gallbladder and I have no pain involved.. what to do?

    1. Wow! A mass on the gb sounds like something that needs to be gone! Once the gb is gone you will probably need a gf diet as well as less fats, since you will be making less gastric juices to digest foods. Will they be testing the mass to find out what the heck it is?

  6. Amy says:

    Going through this right now. I went to my doctor because I had horrific pain at the top of my stomach and often was sick after eating. I had linked it to eating wheat. Doctor passed me on to a celiac expert. Had an endoscopy. He found the stomach was inflamed, but no celiac, and no lactose intolerance. He said it was probably gallstones. He referred me to another doctor to have an ultrasound done on my gallbladder. He found no gallstones. He in turn passed me onto another doctor to have an MRI done. They found no gallstones, but said the gallbladder is inflamed. They passed me onto a surgeon who said all the symptoms point to gallstones, (except the fact that they couldn’t see any). He recommended having the gallbladder removed. I asked what else could cause inflammation of my digestive organs. He basically said it will be gallstones. I insisted on another test, so now I’m booked in for an endoscopy into my gallbladder.
    Meanwhile, I keep suggesting the pain usually comes on after bread and pasta. The doctors’ response? “does the pasta have sauce on?”
    me: yes.
    doctor: what about after pizza?
    me: definitely. but that’s made of whe-
    doctor: so the pain comes on after fatty foods.
    I find all this pretty frustrating.
    So I am trying a wheat-free diet this week. Four days in and I feel like it’s magic! I first ate tentatively, low fat and little food. But tonight I ate a LOT and feel full, but fine! I will be interested to see what the new endoscopy finds after this.
    Ok. Sorry, this is just a rant. But the whole process has taken six months, and this surgery, which is a serious procedure, seems to be recommended on the basis that no one knows what else it can be.
    It was very useful finding this article and seeing what everyone else’s experiences have been. I would recommend experimenting with food to anyone considering surgery. xx

    1. Amy you might also read my post Doctors do no know it all. The Endoscopy of the inflamed sounds like Evan’s last scenario. The MD said it looked like celiac, typical blah blah blah, then the patholgist said it was not ‘typical’ so the MD changed his mind. I researched a bit of the words the pathologist used, and lo and behold this is typical. It is said most pathologist get it wrong– Yet one more missing link for we trying to play nice with the medical world and be respectful of their ignorance!! I say stay off of wheat, forget the surgery for gallstones that don’t exist, allow yourself to heal. Praying — Cp

  7. sharon2424 says:

    I have just been told I have gallstones and would need to have my gallbladder removed. I have been eating mostly a vegan diet with lots of nuts, avocado, wheat, veggies and fruit. I can’t believe I am having this problem as everyone says what a great diet I live on. I do cheat with sugar and coffee. Since the diagnosis I have stopped all sugar, wheat and dairy. Wasn’t eating much dairy. Now I feel much better. I have noticeably more energy and a pain in the middle of my shoulders is gone. If I stay off the wheat will my stones go away? I’m drinking lots of apple juice and apple cider vinegar and I take one tablespoon of oil and lemon juice each morning with other supplements. I’m hoping to make the stones shrink and pass.

    1. I am so sorry you are having all these problems. I hear GS can be very painful. I would hold off on the surgery to remove the gall bladder, it really is an essential organ for fats and bile. Surgery has so many, too many complications. Seeing the results you are already having without wheat I would continue, and let the gut and digestive system, heck, whole body heal before making any major invasive decisions. I would bet within a few more weeks you can give your bit of dairy and sugar back and find yourself still well. I will research some, but I bet magnesium may be a great supplement right now. Praying for you Sharon, God has already started the healing process.

  8. Regina says:

    Sarah, I’ll tell you my experience having stood in your shoes four years ago refusing surgery against adamant surgeons. Wheat-free controls my gallbladder disease beautifully, no symptoms, but I have to be vigilant about no wheat or I’ll immediately go back to where I was. The two times I slipped up, I didn’t feel too badly the first day and thought I got off easy, but the next day was a bit worse and the next day worse and my GB was fully inflamed on the fourth day both times. I’m glad I still have my gallbladder, but I have to always be careful.

    1. More and more I hear from those with gall bladder disease the cure is not surgery but it is wheat removal. I think GB surgery has become the easiest answer for surgeons who can’t figure it out!

  9. IntrovertedSarah says:

    I’m seeing the surgeon in 20 days, who I know will advise me to have my GB out, as my GP has. After a visit to the ER with excruciating pain, everyone suggests having my GB out. But for the last week I have been completely wheat free and all my symptoms have decreased if not gone completely. The horrific nausea, the bloating that made me look 6months pregnant, the headaches and pain have all done. I’m having a normal bowel movement every day. Unheard of. I’ve lost 5 kg in 7 days. Yes 5kg. I’m asking for another ultrasound in a week or so to see if the inflammation has gone. The difficult part is being taken seriously by doctors who shake their heads and say, no you still need it out. Frustrating.

    1. AMAZING!and Frustrating! Think how well you will feel after 2-months-3 months- a year!! Nothing says you HAVE to have surgery. Dr. Rodney Ford was not taken seriously by other doctors either– But that does not change the truth does it?! Congratulations to the beginning of recovery. Dont be dismayed by setbacks, or not getting to 100% immediately, it takes time to heal, and hidden gluten is everywhere!

  10. Sarah says:

    I’m seeing the surgeon in 20 days, who I know will advise me to have my GB out, as my GP has. After two visits to the ER with excruciating pain, everyone suggests having my GB out. But for the last week I have been completely wheat free and all my symptoms have decreased if not gone completely. The horrific nausea, the bloating that made me look 6months pregnant, the headaches and pain have all done. I’m having a normal bowel movement every day. Unheard of. I’ve lost 5 kg in 7 days. Yes 5kg. I’m asking for another ultrasound in a week or so to see if the inflammation has gone. The difficult part is being taken seriously by doctors who shake their heads and say, no you still need it out. Frustrating.

    1. Anonymous says:

      You don’t have to have surgery just because they suggest it! I say don’t do it! There are also some standard process products that can help dump the bile until it’s healed.

  11. Amgoingcrazy33 says:

    Exactly what I am going through this right now! They want to take my gallbladder out but after 3 months of a gf diet, rhe sludge in my gallbladder is gone! No surgery, thank you very much!

    1. AMAZING! Thank you for sharing! Tell the world! You gave up bread and surgery and a lifetime of a worster diet without a gallbladder! Thank YOU very much

  12. You are so right! You must remove the wheat from the kids.a Your MD may never get on board, but maybe he will!! After seeing the miraculous cure your family will have after leaving wheat, you can not deny it! My family too craving/withdrawal issues with wheat. If wheat ‘gets in’ then it is like a drug addict or alcoholic falling off the wagon, they binge and struggle to get back off. Gluten is a bad bad drug!!

  13. Regina says:

    I love this post! Gluten caused my gallbladder disease for sure. I only have pain when I eat gluten, so I don’t eat it. My five and eight year old have gallbladder disease now. They don’t eat too much meat or fat, not at all, they are addicted to wheat, thats the only food group in the world to them besides sugar. So how does an eight year old get gallbladder disease? It has to be gluten. Oh he doesn’t just have gallbladder disease, he vomits, he’s sensitve to fatty meals, he has depression that the doctor says is in my head, he gets headaches, bowel problems, a strange asthma-like condition that isn’t asthma, need I go on?

    1. Anonymous says:

      Every morning after breakfast I am in pain. I have the same thing every day, rolled oats. and wheatabix with a small bit of milk, Could this be my problem?. I have eliminated every thing else, help me please.

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