I See Celiac Do You?

Case # 1: Woman in 50’s with years past diagnoses of Crohn’s Disease.   Thyroid has been removed due to cancer, Cancerous lymph nodes and a cancerous lump in the breast has been noted.     Jaundice, abdomen pain and floaty fatty stools, itching skin recently warranted the removal of gall bladder, no stones present.

Case #2 :  60+ year old male suffers with mild mental confusion, mild depression and mood swings.  A few years ago after being treated for anaphylaxis after ingesting tomatoes, which previously he showed no allergic reaction to, he was found to have antibodies to wheat as well as tomatoes.  , http://www.nightshadefree.com/celiac-disease/This man also exhibits sleep apnea, and other sleep disorders. After removing wheat from his diet he found his indigestion was relieved and medication was no longer needed.  When wheat is ingested he breaks out in an itching rash.  Recently tests with an allergists reveal that wheat is not an allergen

Case #3 4 year old male with psoriasis/eczema present on buttocks and back of legs, first exhibited in first year after introduction of foods. Removing of wheat has eliminated the break outs.  Accidental wheat intake and rash reappears within a few days, lasting for several days.  Periodic bouts of nausea and vomiting  in A.M occur with not explanation other than relation to wheat intake approximately a week before illness. This child is very bright and congenial, yet has radical mood swings into uncontrollable anger.  This child also suffers from frequent ear  and sinus infections and allergies to pollens.

Case #4 Male suffers from severe indigestion,  Pernicious anemia B12 deficiency, eczema, bloated distended abdomen,  all of adult life. Blood tests without biopsy shows possible Celiac. In late 60’s patient begins to have blood clotting issues, thrombosis in legs.  http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/19507658In addition to this the patient begins exhibiting signs of dementia.   A fall causes a break of the hip and a steady decline physically and mentally.

Case #5 Female in 60’s begins to exhibit what seems to be early Alzheimer’s .  Rectal bleeding brings her to doctors, where they also find anemia and osteoporosis and low thyroid. After many misdiagnosis she is diagnosed with Celiac. Within 6 weeks of gluten free diet her memory is returning and anemia is being resolved.

Case #6 23 year old male diagnosed with non reactive Celiac at age 3 through blood test. Through years it is found that learning disability is reactive to wheat intake. Infections and Asthma more severe when injesting wheat.  At age 16 he becomes severely dehydrated and anemic, due to wheat intake. Wheat is removed completely from diet. Acne disappears.  After few years of being gluten free he begins to eat small amounts of wheat on regular basis, this results in a large bleeding ulcer in the duodenum.  Endoscopy reveals a ‘Celiac’ stomach, villa damaged and pale lining. Pathologist prefers diagnosis of Crohns upon seeing atypical results for Celiac.



Case# 7 & 8- 12 year old girl and 30+ woman diagnosed with gall bladder stones or malfunction, due intermittent abdomen pain and gastro issues (nausea, GERD, IBS). Treatment is removal of gall bladder, a few weeks of relief follows then same issues arise. Both begin gluten free diet and find all symptoms subside completely.

All of these ‘Cases’ are true. All I know personally or have been told the ‘story’ by someone who does know them personally. Real people.

Most are still waiting their official diagnosis of Celiac. Some who have the diagnosis official or not, do not want it, so have tried to ignore it. ALL have been misdiagnosed at one point of their illness. ALL have Celiac. ALL can be CURED, if they stop the wheat, TODAY.

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