Gluten Free IS Easy, Really.

I was visiting my aunt and at breakfast she made some toast, and then as she pulled it out of the oven remembered it was gluten and we were not. She apologized for not having GF bread. We explained no big deal, we had bacon and sausage, really no need for the added carb anyway.Later ,when choosing a lunch spot she began to wonder on where we could eat gluten-free. I explained just about anywhere, especially in the Ft Worth area. Big ‘town’s’ accommodate our kind better. (The Petty Clan is going to Ft Davis in a few weeks and not too sure what the 11 GF’s will eat there). When she asked, I was having trouble coming up with a place to eat gluten-free, or telling my aunt what we ‘could’ eat. I realized it is not because we can eat so little but there is little we can not eat. Eating gluten-free is so natural to us/me the majority of places we go we CAN eat something.  My pantry is always full, check out Eat It all Gluten Free, so is my belly.

My aunt , who has tried Gluten Free in the past, and those who are new to gluten freedom, look at being wheat free as what they can not eat.  We used to too. I remember Brian would eat 3-4 Snickers bars a day, “Because I CAN eat that.” He felt that everything else was taken away, so he gorged on the ‘cans’. It is like going on any ‘diet’, as soon as you remove the carbs or the sugars, that is all you can think of, what you can’t have, not what you can.

I forgot how overwhelmed I felt when we first went off of wheat. I would start a menu and then realize, pasta was in it, or batter, or bread crust, or flour thickener.  Our eating traditions had to change. Now that it has, I don’t think anything about it. We don’t go to the local drive in hamburger joint, but if we had to we could eat the fries usually, get the burger without the bun, and have a milkshake and get plenty full. We don’t go to Mr. Gatti’s or any pizza place around Midland, but in Lubbock we go to West Crust  or BJ’s Brewhouse that is located in most city’s. In Dallas we go to Picasso’s Pizza, in San Antonio we go to the Little Aussie Bakery. Now days you type in Gluten Free on yelp and you get a HUMONGOUS list if you are in a Metro town. Ft Worth, Dallas, San Antonio, Austin, Lubbock  Even Midland has GF menus in most restaurants.  My bio mom ,in Tuscon was newly diagnosed with Celiac a few months ago, she was complaining of how to find the foods in groceries, and the lack of restaurants, I was surprised. I thought the Tuscon area was probably more nuts and fruity health nuts than West Texas. I did some research. Tuscon is FULL of great GF food.  Seriously, look at all the pins on their map! My bio is/was just seeing what she couldn’t have. I think we  all get caught up in have not’s first.

I have become pretty intolerant of the whining and dooms day attitude of those who are just going gluten-free or know they need to and are afraid to stop eating bread, because they will starve. I forgot how intimidating this can seem, being wheat free. To be honest being gluten-free today, is a walk in the park, the park full of food you CAN eat, compared to 30 years ago! Recently when I went Dukan, and pulled the sugar and pretty much ALL carbs, it seemed impossible to eat anywhere. Then I realized, I could get a steak anywhere, I have been pulling the bun off of hamburgers for years, AND Keith could find a lot more to eat GF than I could sugar and carb free.

IF you decided to quit sugar, most just sub in sugar free Coke for regular Coke right? If you decided to give up carbs or fried/fatty foods you would start ordering your food grilled instead of battered and fried, and not eat the bread they brought you, or the pasta dishes. So now ,you need to quit wheat/gluten, just sub in gluten-free breads and pastas, and eat the grilled instead of the battered and fried and don’t eat the bread they bring.

It really is that easy.  Think of what you CAN have: GlutinoUdi’s , Schar pop tarts, gluten free packaged bread, crackers,cookies,pretzels,muffins,pizza,rolls. mixes, pasta. Local oven is supplying restaurants, camps, hotels as well as stores and online sales. Pamela’s cookies. New Planet Bards, Greens Redbridge Beer. And soon, Dunkin Donuts will be adding gluten free. These are just a few of the Gluten Free’s of the world, and this does not include the foods that are just gluten free anyway. Steaks, potatoes, vegetables, fruits, milk, pudding, milkshakes, beans, rice, chocolate thunder from down under.  MMMM, I think I am gonna ask my man to take me out to eat!!

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  1. LK Myers says:

    Thanks for the positive reinforcement! IT IS all about your attitude. Shopping in a country (or online), where you CAN find gluten-free substitutes for things your think you can’t live without, is a blessing for which to be thankful. BTW…The Little Aussie Bakery waffle is super yummy! I ate one there and could not leave without buying a bag of their mix!

    1. Speaking of country– the UK so understand GF better than the US😁 and maybe the Australians too😄
      I will definitely try Aussies waffles next time. Recently wnt on mini vacation in Dallas and went to many gluten free serving eateries. Had pancakes at La Peeps and pizza at Picasso’s. mmmmmmmmm

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