The Lady is Gluten Free

I hit the wrong buttons on the TV control and The View was the result. GAG!!! I cannot stand that show. Three liberal women against a conservative lady, is all I ever get out of that show. Barbara Wawa filmed with fogged lenses, so no one can tell she is way way past her prime.. Whoopi, who I actually think would be a neat to know person, funny, seems to be realistic UNTIL it comes to any conservative idea and all of the sudden she is a poor oppressed black woman and all conservative ‘republicans are ’ out to get her and all minorities.  I am sorry, but Whoopi is NOT a POOR black woman. She is a wealthy successful woman who has more pigment (and $$ and success) than I.  Then there is the red head, I think I have heard her say she is Jewish, a New York sounding, out spoken woman. I have never heard her say anything with out whining or putting down someone. Then there is the lady of the bunch, Elisabeth Hasslebeck, a conservative, a woman who opposes idiocy, politely, like a lady.  I don’t know why she is on this trashy show.

I cannot stand the View. (I said that already) I never purposely turn it on.  Yet ,today I hit my numbers too slow and 1 is the only that registered and it changed to 2 where The View airs. This heated discussion  about gluten intolerance and or Celiac, between Elisabeth and Barbara,was happening. Barbara was attacking Elisabeth with the typical’ gluten is only bad for a few individuals, those with Celiac’ and with the attituede of Elisabeth being so stupid to even insinuate that gluten/wheat could cause all of the proven issues it does. Elisabeth was trying to say those with issues with gluten go beyond those who are diagnosed with Celiac. Barbara was dismissing and not listening to anything.  Whoppi intervened with a joke of her misunderstanding the word, she thought ‘he’ had said weed and not wheat. Then commercial.

I have spoken of this ‘attitude’ many times, and I just don’t get it.

Why are people opposed to letting wheat be ,at least, difficult to digest? I will allow them ignorance.  For a while.  But with all of the information coming out ,proving the existence of illness caused by malabsorption of gluten, with all of the people becoming well, some after years of misery, after just removing wheat, there is a very little reason to remain uneducated on the damage wheat can cause.

Why is it those who want to remain ignorant (choosing to be ignorant is idiocy) can not let those of us who are wise to the culprit of our ills being wheat, live and eat wisely? Why must the Barbara Wawa’s of the world hear of our ulcers, IBS, pernicious anemia, esophageal reflux,psoriasis, pancreitis, gall bladder stones, eczema, insulin dependent diabetes, asthma, arthritis, migraines, allergies and, many many autoimmune maladies, being cured  from by only removing wheat from our diet, and argue that we are wrong. Why ,when they see the changed behavior in an autistic child, the shroud lifted from a learning disabled child, the bipolar become polar, the seizures diminish in an epileptic, do they insist it be imaginations of the parents, instead of the gluten free diet?

Why do they oppose those who choose to eat gluten free, who are educated through experience and medical research, who are doctors and scientist who have years of research to prove gluten as being damaging to almost everyone, in some form. Yet they will not oppose: Dr. Oz when he touts raspberry ketones as being the miracle fat burner, with no proof? Or researchers and Dr’s claiming sugar causes (feeds) cancer with no proof.  Or  a diet that drops to 500 calories a day and claim it is the HCG pregnancy hormone that caused them to lose weight?

Why do those who refuse to believe removing one thing from the diet, because it can not be absorbed by the body, and causes chemical reaction within the body because of this, have absolutely no problem with putting chemicals in their bodies to remedy their ills, and thus cause even more ‘ills? Prilosec MAY help with GERD, but it causes, headaches, diarrhea, colds, constipation, back pain, depression, pancreatitis, liver damage, rashes, swelling, low magnesium, broken bones. Gee, and if you gave up eating wheat instead of eating a pill for that indigestion, what side effect would you have?

Let me see, the arguments against US deciding to not eat wheat…

‘Wheat has been around since the beginning of time and NOW it is a problem? Why not before?’  Have the pro wheat-ers ever considered that the wheat of day 3 is not the same wheat we eat today? Scientist have altered wheat so it is bug and disease resistant and it yields more for the farmer. It is NOT the wheat God made for man it is the wheat man altered for profit. Also wheat is injected in about everything we eat that is packaged, as well as it is readily available for every bite we want to put in our mouths. Do you think the Aztec indians ate pancakes for breakfast, a ding dong for a snack, a sandwich for lunch, cookies for afternoon snack and chicken fried steak for dinner, with rolls and gravy? Our bodies do not adjust to the wheat intake and make more enzyme that digests wheat gluten, so what isn’t dissolved by the enzyme just sits in the gut and clogs up everything.

Another argument is; ‘How can just not absorbing wheat be the cause of reflux/ulcers AND dementia and psoriasis? ‘ If the stomach does not digest the stomach is damaged, if the nutrients are not absorbed the rest of the body is affected. Not that hard to figure out is it?

The newest is “This gluten free stuff is such a fad now.” Maybe. Maybe finally, doctors are starting to see there is issue with gluten and advising some of it. Then those are being cured and they are telling others and then those are trying gluten freedom, to find that their allergies subside, and their children’s night terrors go away.  Maybe there are not as many idiots in this world as those ignorant to the fact that WHEAT IS A BAD BAD THING.

Today I have to close the eyes of my green eyed monster AGAIN, and share the website of Elisabeth Hasslebeck,,. She has a book on gluten free living (I will too someday!!) She has a gluten free cookbook ( I already do!!! Throw the Wheat in the Sea.  Her goal is the same as mine, to educate, to help others realize being gluten free will change their lives for the better.

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  1. glutengallop says:

    Super agreeable! I was just diagnosed and my entire life has completely changed! I feel (finally) alive! As much as I detest The View as well, at least Hassleback is raising awareness considering so many people have no clue that gluten is destroying their bodies. I will definitely be picking up a copy of your books 🙂 ~Andrea

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