Well, I have to admit it. I am J-E-A Lous. I searched a few Gluten Free blogs today. It began with Gluten Free Goddess she has a neat button, a cupcake with a link and EASY instruction how to place it on your site.  I did this for about 30 minutes, I now have a blue question mark and ‘I Blog GF above it, you should try it out. I felt my hazel eyes going towards the ‘greenness’.  Instead of reading much more, I went to my deletewheat @ gmail  and saw my email from Celiac Family.com – powered by WP, very well put together and good recipes. (I think Powered by means a bit more techno than I)I read a bit, through green eyes. From here I linked to Gluten Free Easily to check out the Home For the Holidays event she has put together. Amazing work, blog, information. (She gets to FB and Twitter and is designed by Make My Blog Pretty (not  green-eyed me ;( )  Then I hit several links on her blog, those that are participating in the giveaway recipe share: Lexi’s Kitchen,Simply Gluten Free, Elena’s Pantry ,Daily Bites,Gluten Free For Good, I stopped here, it is so hard to read through the green tint.  Go to the Home for the Holidays link sit back with printer ready and get lots and lots of recipes for all of these and those I have not read yet.

I am ashamed of my green eyes! I soooo want to be a gluten-free advocate, blogger, speaker, cook, author, success.  I thought I was getting there. But when I look at these amazing women, some who have not been ‘doing this’ gluten free life as long as I, yet are so savy and cute, and talented, I do wonder.  By the looks of their blogs, and ‘powered by’s’ and contests, and advertisements, and information and photos of food and themselves, I have a steeeeeeep hill to climb, just to reach the same level as they!

I am unique. I am wonderfully made. I can do all things through him who strengthens me. And my baby blues I was born with, turned hazel years ago, that have a tendency to go green at any given moment.

Do check out all of these blogs and the links of. They ARE amazing. Some are dairy free, vegan, sugar-free and I know some need, or choose to go the extra mile and remove more than JUST wheat, as we do. Share any other blogs you know of, info you have found etc.  We need to unite, support, share, inform, and wipe wheat consumption from the face of the earth!!!

Gluten Free People Unite, even the green-eyed ones!

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  1. As a green-eyed gluten free girl (both in reality and maybe more than occasionally emotionally), I can totally relate! Know that i love what you’ve got going on! And you’ll get to wherever you want to be!

  2. Shannon says:

    I soooo hear you on that one! I feel the same way in the sewing/handmade bizzer world! press on sister!

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