Gluten Free IS Wheat Free

Good informative video about a maybe pill for celiac that might come out someday. Also a lot of info on celiac!  Which is the main reason for this post. The woman did write several books, and that green eyed monster in me popped out as I listened,(even though I have only written 1 cookbook). I shut that monster up and am posting this info, because the true need for me and this blog is to get the info out ‘there’ about celiac and gluten intolerance. Right?!

Just the other day I was speaking to an exercise friend and she was telling how they are wheat free, or her son is, because of diagnosis of allergy of wheat. The first comment was , “He can’t eat wheat so I guess that mean’s gluten too.” I answered “Yes.”  It is interesting to me how many do not get the connection, even M.D.s and dietician and such.

FYI it is Gluten free  it IS wheat free.

Now it just being wheat free, does NOT mean it is gluten-free. It could contain, rye, barley, malt and still have gluten in that.  So if it says ‘Wheat free’ read on to make sure these other things don’t exist.

At first I thought the MD that gave the wheat allergy diagnosis was an allergist. But she was not. It turns out she actually diagnosed from symptoms. Wow!  She suggested they come off of wheat and called it an allergy. I am a bit confused why she referred to it as an allergy, but maybe that is the easiest way she could describe. The symptoms my friend described her son to have are typical (at least to me) gluten intolerance or celiac. Not only physical but the mental ‘iffiness’ I have witnessed with Brian and others with gluten issues. I suppose it does not matter how or why the conclusion was made, nor what it is called, just that an MD KNOWS wheat is an issue in the human diet!! Whoo HOO!!

In this video the comment is made that having the pill will allow one to have gluten on occasion and not have to reap the consequences. tantalizing. BUT. Why not just stay away from wheat? I know, I know, we want that pizza, that hamburger, that chocolate cake at Rosa’s, a Krispy Cream doughnut.  All but the latter we can do, gluten-free! Better! The Little Aussie Bakery has amazing pizza crust they will ship to you. Keep em in the freezer, pop out throw on some sauce cheese and toppings and in 20 minutes you got a better than bought pizza (you don’t have to tip the delivery guy!) Burger buns from Canyon Bakehouse,Rudies,Little Aussie Bakery, and you make your burger, OR get friendly with your favorite greasy burger joint and they will let you BYOB(bread). The chocolate cake, buy my cookbook Throw the Wheat in the Sea, and you can have your cake and more and eat it too.  I will even bake you a cake and send it to you, at a cost!! The doughnuts, well I am currently studying on this. So far I have not desired a doughnut so much that I want to go through all the yeast rising and proofing. I know there is no wheat filled doughnut, even Krispy Cream, that can make me want blistered skin, migraines,indigestion, and IBS again.

I do suppose a pill for accidents would be good. But I am not seeing these pill’s are ‘day after’ type. The medication has to be in place to block the gluten not stop it’s effects.  This also makes me wonder, what it is doing to the body to make it block gluten? Also what else does it block? Medication always does some kind of harm, in order to do it’s job. Dr. Steven Brown explained, if someone says the medicine does nothing that can harm you, then it does nothing. Medication alters the body somehow, always, in order to affect, it’s target. Dr. Brown said, all medication is a form of poison.  Knowing this should we want for a pill to fix all? Or should we just realize eating wheat is as much a poison for our bodies as the medication we take to mask the effects of gluten.



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