Gluten is Bad. Shout it out!

I received the book Gluten:Zero Global by Dr. Rodney Ford. A gift from this one of a kind doctor, who actually KNOWS gluten to be a bad bad thing to EVERYONE. So far in my reading he concurs with everything I have been knowing and saying for YEARS. So I know he must know what he is talking about ;). In the beginning of the book he describes his own struggles with trying to get his colleagues, other MD’s to even consider gluten intolerance and or celiac as being a possible diagnosis. He describes the same resistance we have experienced the same choice of medication (for kickbacks) instead of diet treatment. Dr. Ford describes the same condescending remarks I have received from doctors, yet his are on a more personal/professional level. He is called a fool and told to leave the medical profession. I have only been called a crazy mom and fanatic. Dr Ford champions on. And I do too.

I don’t push gluten facts to benefit myself. I know not to eat gluten, I know the dangers of gluten. I can cook anything without wheat, well. I have been cooking gluten free before you could find gluten free products in the local grocery store, I can manage.  My family is grown and out of my house, I don’t have to keep up with gluten issues to help them, they are on their own now. I tell everyone about gluten free living, about the dangers of gluten in the body, because I truly care for EVERYONE.  I know that most of the occurrences of migraines, the IBS,  arthritis,  MS, ADD/ADHD,  Autism,  ulcers,  beer bellies, psoriasis and eczema, food allergies, asthma, gall bladder issues, obesity, malnourishment, diabetes, fibromyalgia, colon and stomach cancers,  lymphomas,  stunted growth, Alzheimer’s,  lupus,  osteoporosis, infertility, congenital deformities,  acne, bi polar disorders,  would go down, way down, IF WE GOT RID OF ALL THE WHEAT.

I HATE that the doctors will prescribe medication, that causes more and more issues that need more and more medication, and money. I hate that doctors will order tests and surgeries that fund themselves from our pockets and tell them nothing. I hate that doctors will not consider an easy fix of a diet, to remove the wheat.

Dr. Ford writes “I find it odd that my colleagues will happily prescribe reflux medication to children like Elizabeth, know the side effects and long term problems of such medication, whilst remaining opposed to a dietary change, which has no side effects. “

I want for EVERYONE to know and believe that eating that hamburger is the same as having a dose of arsenic, not because of the greasy fatty delicious beef, not because they are allergic to the onions, but because wheat gluten is not and was not intended to be consumed in the mutated form it is today, in the quantities we eat today. The fatty beef our body CAN digest, just get the wheat out of the way.  The onions you would not be allergic to if your body was attacking itself because the immune system is off because the wheat gluten is destroying it.

It is those like myself, my adult children, Dr. Ford, you who are reading and following Delete Wheat, those who KNOW gluten is THE problem who can help others.We have to stand up and educate, to tell others, to show others the healing of living without wheat.

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  1. flamidwyfe says:

    Doing my share with my blog 🙂

    1. I know ! You go girl!!

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