Vitamin A

Vitamin A is a fat soluble vitamin, this means it is absorbed through the intestines WITH fat.   Vitamin E is necessary for Vitamin A to metabolize properly.

There are two forms of vitamin A : Retinol and Cartinoids. Retinol is in eggs, milk, butter, liver, and fish(herring, sardines, and tuna).. Cartinoids are in dark-green, orange, and yellow vegetables; spinach, carrots, oranges, and sweet potatoes.

Beta Carotene complex can be taken instead of Vitamin A.

Vitamin A is used 2 ways. In the eye, in the light-sensitive parts,  that allow for night-vision or for seeing in dim-light circumstances. Vitamin A, retinoic acid, is used to regulate the development of tissues, skin cells,bone growth and the lining of the lungs and intestines,urinary tract. Vitamin A is important during embryological development. Without vitamin A, the fertilized egg cannot develop into a fetus.

Some symptoms of in Vitamin A defciency:

  • Loss of taste
  • Poor wound healing
  • Chronic dry eye..
  • Whitening of the corneas  and blindness . This is an extreme symptom that usually occurs after years of deficiencies caused inadequate diet or malabsorption disorders
  • White spots on the inner corners of the eyelids
  • Other eye disorders such as conjunctivitis
  • Photophobia (extreme light sensitivity)
  • Macular degeneration
  • Dry skin
  • Scaly skin known as ichythiosis
  • Hyperkeratosis (bumpy skin caused by excess keratin production in hair follicles)
  • Dry, brittle hair
  • Peeling nails
  • Weakened immune system
  • Loss of appetite
  • insomnia
  • acne
  • impaired growth
  • cancer
  • reduction of steroid synthesis
  • blood sugar imbalance

Conditions that could cause one to not absorb, enough or any, vitamin A:

  • Alcohol consumption
  • Low Fat Diet
  • Smoking
  • Diet high in polyunsaturaded fatty acids
  • Celiac
  • Malabsorption Disease
  • Pancreatitis
  • Cystic Fibrosis
  • Gluten intolerance
  • Diabetes
  • Under Active Thyroid Gland
  • Taking Antacids
  • Taking Mineral oil
  • Taking Cholesterol Medications
  • Surgery on the gut- removal of intestines, lap bands, etc…

So lets get this straight: The need for vitamin A is essential for a healthy stomach, absorption. Vitamin A needs to be absorbed through the stomach, with fat. Vitamin E is needed to metabolize, which is also absorbed through the stomach.  Vitamin A is needed for a healthy stomach and intestine lining. If the stomach can not absorb A (or E to work with the A) then the stomach lining can not be healthy.  Then to add insult to injury, if the stomach is being treated for ‘malady’ (unhealthy lining from not having A) with antacids then the stomach can not absorb vitamin A.   A bit of vicious circle.  I do think though that if we approach this with the fixing of the cause and not the incessant symptoms the pattern can be stopped.

Know what hampers digestion, what is hard to digest. Know what causes damage to the stomach lining. Realize the diseases associated with malabsorption are common to many, and require the removal of wheat gluten.

Seriously, it IS that easy!! It is as easy as ADEK and B;)

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