Houston Gluten Free/Celiac Meet

This past weekend I went to Houston to do a cooking demonstration and present my cookbook, Throw the Wheat in the Sea, to the,  HOUSTON CELIAC SUPPORT GROUP Chapter #25 of CSA/USA, Inc..  So FUN!!  Though it did not go exactly as planned. Isn’t that how fun usually happens?

I demonstrated the cooking, but not like a cooking show, it was more as a side note. So many came to this meeting to ‘show and tell’ I was not needed to fill time with the demo. I brought about 75 pumpkin muffins knowing I would set up and make another 30 or so and enough (hopefully) for the almost 100 predicted group.  Instead, I spoke a bit about my book and why I wrote it, a very condensed (for me) version of how ‘we’ got to be Celiac/gluten free. I still made the muffins, but not with the attention all on me. I mixed and visited with the attendees as they milled around checking out all the GF products on show.  It was a bit like a Gluten Free Fair!

The products on show were: Bakers Rack Mixes, Canyon Bake House breads, pies and cakes from Whole Foods Market.

The Bakers Rack, gfbakersrack.com, is fairly new with GF producing, they are a food packaging plant 1st, for non profits and employ people with disabilities A business with a mission.  Their own products are Yellow Dream Cake Mix, Original Coating & Breading Mix, Pancake &Waffle Mix, Moist Brownie Mix, Devils Food Chocolate Cake,Southern Style Cornbread Mix. At present the product is available through online site and in brick and mortar Houston area, branching westward soon.

A couple came, I am sorry I do not recall their name, they had brazil bread. DELICIOUS. The ‘she’ of the couple is Brazilian. They are premaking their Brazil Bread and freezing, Whole Foods market should have them in their freezers soon, in the Houston area.  Until then those of us without Houston will have to rely on my cook book, (page 62), and the Brazilian Restaurant’s,ie:Texas De Brazil,Fogo DeChao (which by the way are a great way to eat out Gluten Free!)

We met so many with Gluten intolerance, each and everyone with their unique yet similar journey to Gluten freedom.  Elaboration on some of the stories will come in later postings.  ‘Thank you’s, though, come now; Thank you, all for your hospitality, for sharing your stories, for sharing goodies, for purchasing my cookbook, for your desire and passion to help the world to understand gluten intolerance.  Each and every time we tell our stories we ARE helping and healing someone else.



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