Yes, Virgina’s (husband) Wheat is the Cause

I had a discussion with my Uncle Gene, married to Virgina Anne (Aunt Anne) of the many many many many illnesses that can be ‘fixed’ with the removing of wheat from the diet.  He was, maybe still, is skeptical.

It is no wonder that so many do not see the connection. The nutrition guru’s/MD’s keep us educated on these things usually.They only tell us what they think we need to know.  Basic food groups. What causes high cholesterol. Low Fat diets.  Once you step over into a ‘special group’ like diabetes, or heart disease, or having high cholesterol, even Celiac, we are told what to eat or not eat to fix that problem. The symptom is treated. We are not being told that the ‘something amiss’ has been caused by a reaction of the body to a missing nutrient, enzyme, or a chemical reaction, which is caused by something we are eating.  We are not being told Alzheimer’s, Lymphoma Cancer, Bi Polar Disease, Schizophrenia,infertility,arthritis,MS,deteriorative nerve disease,Crohn’s, diabetes,allergies…. could be brought on by a chemical reaction to wheat gluten in the body.

The research is being done. Facts are being found. The conclusion that wheat and the proteins it ‘puts off’ are dangerous, disease causing is being found. The information is NOT getting to the ‘general public’ though. This section of Delete Wheat is dedicated to the diseases, the imbalances, the misdiagnosis that ARE directly related to wheat gluten.

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  1. Ronnie says:

    Thanks Christy Petty for the share

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