Why Test?

I will continue my rant on the what I believe to be the dispensable tests for Celiac/gluten intolerance.

  • You do not have to have a blood test to prove you have gluten intolerance.  Stop eating wheat gluten, get better– PROOF gluten makes you sick.
    • It really is that simple.  Either you self diagnose, or your MD suggests that maybe gluten is a problem, so stop eating gluten.  You do not need a test to tell you not to eat wheat, just stop eating it.  If coming off of wheat makes symptoms go away and makes one feel better, why do you need a lab result to say you are gluten intolerant?
  •  There is NOT a test that will definitely prove that you do have Celiac/gluten intolerance.  The tests for gluten intolerance are not cut and dried, “you have celiac”  “you do not have celiac” .
    • The blood test is looking for antibodies in the blood, specifically  anti-gliadin, or anti-gluten. These may or may not be found it depends on the individual and if the body is making antibodies to the gluten.  This IS an autoimmune disease, so it goes to say that if the immune system is ‘off’ there is a great possibility it is not making antibodies ‘as it should’.  Salvia Tests and Stool tests are becoming more accurate, but most physicians will not use these nor recognize the results of, because YOU can order them yourself, and you do not have MD behind your name.
  • The medical profession is not taught that gluten intolerance is a common thing and does not acknowledge it being a very natural ‘normal’  response of a foreign material in the body
    •  Medical profession knows that even if one does have celiac/gluten intolerance the symptoms; IBS, anemia, Crohns,allergies,arthritis, gall stones, GERD, eczema, acne, osteoporosis,infertility,migraines,constipation, diarrhea, ataxia… can be treated with a lifetime of surgery or medication, instead of removing the wheat.

 I hear often, from those who are suffering from Celiac/Gluten intolerance and removed themselves from wheat, and have not had ‘the test’, their doctors are harassing them because the doctor will not accept the personal testimony of recovery, only a test saying they ‘have celiac’.  The gluten intolerant are put in a place of having to defend their ‘silliness’ of not eating wheat and feeling better.  

I don’t understand why this is an issue! First why does it even come up with a doctor? If you as a parent have chosen to remove wheat from your child’s diet, or as an adult remove it from your own, that is your choice.  My doctor has never questioned my removing sugars and bread carbs from my diet when I lose weight.  Why should he find issue when I mention on my records that I am gluten intolerant and I have not had an official lab test to prove so? My son has had ‘THE test, ‘passed it with flying colors.  It is an inherited disease. My blistery skin rash disappeared when I stopped eating wheat. My migraines do not exist, if wheat does not exist in my diet. No more ulcers or IBS.  But he suggests I go back on wheat so I can take the test that may be inaccurate, so I can REALLY know I have Celiac. REALLY?!

I am not saying never-never test, I even understand wanting the test for clarification. BUT know the facts:

  • The test is not 100% accurate. A negative result for celiac/gluten intolerance could mean you just did not have the antibodies at the time. If being without wheat helps you feel better, you DO have an issue with wheat.
  • The blood test looking for antibodies will not work if you are not eating wheat. Going back on wheat after a wheat free diet is hard on the body physically and mentally.
  • The DNA test will show celiac/gluten intolerance, but not if it is ‘active’.
  • YOU know if eating wheat is causing you issues with or without a test. Trust your GUT FEELING. (pun intended)

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