Yeah, That’s What I Said…

I found this blog in a random web search. Very interesting!

When, and Why, Did Everyone Stop Eating Gluten? | Guest Blog, Scientific American Blog Network.

The author Diana Gitig writes of much of the same Celiac information I  and many other gluten intolerant of the world have learned.   Diana explains gluten intolerance in a scientific way, yet it is also understandable for the non ‘scientist’.

The comments are great also! The gluten intolerant have a few links and their own information that is helpful.  The ‘Scientific American type’ have some egg head and slightly insulting comments, but the gluten intolerant put them in their place!

A great deal of Diana’s article is exactly what I have been learning and trying to teach others on Celiac and gluten intolerance.  It is clarifying and verifying for me to ‘hear’ the same information from another, especially one that has letters behind their name!

Enjoy the read!

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