POTUS To Be, Celiac Is Real


I dropped a note to Senator Ted Cruz today, on his senate website. I had heard he mentioned NOT supplying gluten free MRE’s to the troops, should they need them. Referring to gluten free MRE’s as being political correctness or social experiments

I really don’t think Cruz intended to say the Celiacs of the nation are not military material, as the liberal media twisted his meaning. His comment being preceded with “the last thing a commander should need to worry about …. ” seems to be pointing to the point being made is NOT anti gluten free, it is of the POTUS really should not be dealing with such things. Anymore than the POTUS should have an agenda against McDonalds. 😉

My Note:

I am 100% supporting Ted Cruz for president, even with his opinion/ignorance of Celiac and Gluten intolerance. It is because of my full support of Mr. Cruz that I want to inform, a bit, on his gluten free statement in N.C.

Granted, media could have very well taken most of what he said out of context, as they usually do, but just in case. There is a large amount of the United states population that are diagnosed with Celiac disease and an even larger amount who are given the label of gluten intolerant because the tests for celiac are not accurate. Then an even larger amount of peoples are not yet diagnosed. To call the need for gluten free foods a politically correct movement is just inaccurate.

I understand less government control. I understand knee jerk reaction to ‘political correctness’, but gluten free foods are not a part of either. If anything it is the opposition to gluten free living that falls into ‘political correctness.’.

Seriously consider reversing your comments on gluten free living. The diagnosed statistics of those diagnosed with Celiac is 1-100, that is a lot of votes! Many diagnosed with Celiac are hypersensitive in their ‘feelings’ as well as their guts. The Petty family though, still support and have voted for you in spite of your love of wheat.

Will Cruz read this? I am clueless. Will this statement lose him votes, maybe. I know the Gluten Free Dude who has tons of followers, had some choice words to share on Twitter about this.  I personally do not think Ted Cruz’s ignorance of Celiac takes away from his being the best man for POTUS.

The ignorance of gluten free living is the issue, it is ‘Umongus’ as the other one would say. Many, too many don’t know what gluten is, or how damaging it is to everyone. Those NOT eating gluten free are too quick to judge something they do not understand, have not tried.

I don’t understand this. Peanuts have been banned from just about every school for those with peanut allergies, approximately 1% of population.  5%-10% of all people are diagnosed gluten intolerant. AND it is estimated that 97% of those with Celiac are still undiagnosed.  This has nothing to do with politics.

People just don’t know what they don’t know. And we that KNOW have to let them know. We have to inform, to help them.  We, who are well, have to teach we have to explain that Celiac Disease is not a ‘disease’. Celiac is NOT a food allergy. Celiac is not just an autoimmune disorder. It is the immune system reacting to a toxic invasion of wheat/gluten. Wheat Gluten is poison to everyone and the symptoms we all have; migraine,arthritis, psoriasis, lymphoma, GERD, bone degeneration, asthma, IBS, Crohns,food allergies, thyroid disease… could all be the result of that poison.

Celiac/Gluten intolerance IS NOT a diet, it is not a fad, it is a necessity. For all of us.  Them too.

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