Thai’s Tina Again, & Again & Again

If you are in Fort Worth you MUST go to Thai’s Tina.  If you love Thai Food you have to go to Fort Worth and go to Thai’s Tina.  If you want to eat out gluten free, with no fears, go to Thai’s Tina. 

We ran across Tina’s when staying at the Embassy in downtown Fort Worth, and we will never be the same.  Now every time we go to Fort Worth, which is becoming more and more frequent, due to Evans perpetual ulcer, we eat at Tina’s.  I promise it is worth the trip. 

Thai food is usually gluten free, anyway, because soy sauce is not used usually. Tina has taken care of those dishes that do contain soy sauce by making her own in house soy sauce

Tina understands gluten intolerance, she herself is. Tina is an advocate for any and everyone to be gluten free. She has experienced the benefits of removing wheat from her diet and she wants everyone to. 

Go get some gluten free Thai food at Tina’s.  And if it is to far to drive, do it anyway and stay at th Embassy. You can take your left overs to the room and have a midnight snack. 

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