Gluten Bigots

Why are the people who are too stupid to understand what gluten is and the damages it does, continually confronting those who have the intelligence to remove gluten from our diets?  Why is ‘no gluten’ used as a joke in movies, sitcoms and late night?  No one makes fun of a diabetic taking insulin.  No jokes about eating Paleo, and it has no gluten or grains or sugar. Have you heard a joke about someone eating a peanut and going into anaphylactic shoe? Yet,  in Deadpool 2 he says “I was rounding up all the gluten in the world and launching it into space where it can’t not hurt us ever again.”  Southpark had show titled Gluten Free Ebola. I have heard Fallon and Kimmel both go off on gluten free eating.  Even Wheel of Fortune Pat Sayjak got a dig in.  WHY?

I am not a prude. I laugh at a lot of stuff a ‘lady’ should be offended by.  I can be crude and rude myself. But this just seems like it is bashing, not laughing with, but laughing at those of us that can not eat gluten. It is intolerant. Are there jokes made of people who order Diet Coke? I personally think it is hilarious when I watch the rotund person sit down with their biggy fries and double meat double cheese burger and fill their cup up with Diet Coke. I don’t express this to their chubby faces, though. I tolerate the aspartame addicted.

Maybe I am hyper sensitive, to more than gluten. But who can really blame me?

I have had people in line snicker and comment of my being ‘one of those‘ as I order gluten free, bunless. My husband and I, both celiac, ordered GF buns at Scholtskys and were interrogated by the server, of our both needing GF.  The middle aged dude, who couldn’t shave, probably biggy sized and drank Diet Coke  , AND worked in a fast food joint, commented that he thought people ordering GF should have to have a doctors note. As he pushed the button to upcharge our order for the GF buns, he bemoaned, for the poor kitchen, who had to don gloves to prepare gluten free orders.   Yes, and we have to pay at least $2 more for gluten free buns and crust, and get no discount should we go bunless.  We don’t get to indulge on the ‘free’ bread in restaurants, and sometimes have to forgo the tortilla chips for the vat they are fried in.

Just the question “ Is this preference or an allergy? ” each time we ask for gluten free is condescending.  What difference does that make? “Oh we will be really careful to make your gluten free pizza in the back broom closet where there is no Gluten, if it is an allergy. “ No, Idiot it is not an allergy, and it is not a preference. It is a metabolic explosion inside my body when wheat gluten enters it. My immune system will attack me from the inside out for months, because you ‘accidentally’ forgot to use the $2 extra gluten free pizza crust and don’t inform me of it till after I eat .  I have had wait persons ask me “What happens if you get wheat/gluten?” They may be generally interested, maybe they wonder if they have problem too. But to be honest, I don’t want to go through the gory details just before my meal.  Do the vegans and Paleo’s get interrogated when they eat in public? Do diabetics have to explain why the test their blood and what it is like to fall into a diabetic coma?

Beyond the inconvenience the food establishments have to provide a gluten free alternative, at an extra cost, for the gluten intolerant of the world, I see no reason, whatsoever, that my gluten free need or choice should be a concern  or joke for anyone.  Seriously, how is a person asking for a gluten free menu or wondering if the sushi is made with soy sauce with wheat base, a point of humor? We don’t laugh at the one guy on the plane ,that got all the peanuts taken off the flight ,for his peanut allergy? Guess who doesn’t get to eat those pretzels the sub in … Me, Myself and fellow GF intolerants. We don’t whine because we cant eat pretzels. We just do with out, like we always do, which hurts no one. We don’t  ridicule the allergic guy,  or ask him if he will really stop breathing if he just touches a peanut, we empathize and keep quiet. Because we are intolerant of gluten ,not the differences of others.

The funniest thing about gluten is the idiots that know nothing about it.


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  1. Kate says:

    We are getting more gluten because the wheat has been modified to have more gluten, and short fermentation with commercial yeast replaced long fermentation with wild yeast which consume the gluten.

  2. Sharon Bernhardt says:

    People have been eating gluten since cave man days but only feeling effects ‘recently’. The problen isn’t gluten… it’s glyphosates.

    1. yes and no. Glyphosates are a huge problem for everyone, not just those carrying the Celiac gene. Our food has been contaminated by man and man is now paying the price physically for genetically modifying our food. Also the processing of food, how we have morphed into this world that consumes processed food- breads, grains, especially. We don’t really know for sure what the ‘cave man’ ate, but by guess is it was not a lot of grain. Meat and fruits and vegetables, bark from trees, moss- whatever they found that didn’t bite back is my guess.

      Years ago I read a paper on the ‘beginnings’ of Celiac. This study traced back to biblical times of fishermen out fishing for weeks on end and their only food was fish. It was found they developed the inability to digest bread/grains/gluten after not ‘using’ the enzyme that the body used to consume these grains. Interesting. It goes along a bit with, the fact that countries such as Asia and Africa that do not consume high quantities of gluten /breads, do not have high instance of Celiac, though they do have the same amount population as US that carry the ‘celiac gene’. So that maybe the trigger is in how much is consumed- as well as how messed up the gluten is. Back to your point glyphosate.

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