Grain Free/Paleo

I ,we,have been grain free for about a month. And sugar free. And dairy free.  I am trying trying trying to lose some weight. Again.

I have been gluten free completely, for about 10 years now.(20+ years for some of my family, and my ‘in home’ diet). I decided to go the extra mile after finding a video by Dr. Osbourne What is Gluten Sensitivity/Intolerance.   As Keith and I watched this and saw all the issues we healed by going gluten free,  and then some of the issues we still deal with, we realized we may need to get rid of all grains.  I then commented that grain free was only a hop and skip away from Paleo, if we removed dairy and refined sugar also.

Keith decided for us to go Paleo.  I agreed. Totally thrilled to have a ‘diet’ buddy.

Going Paleo, after being gluten free, and myself having eaten Dukan for a bit in the past, has not been so hard.  I know what to eat, and not to eat. Eating fresh is the deal. Eating fruit for the sweet(which Dukan did not allow) For me the learning curve is, learning to use new flours. Almond and Coconut, to make those baked things, we just can not let go of, yet.  I have managed to make some banana blueberry muffins, that we both liked. Keith can’t wrap his mouth around the chocolate cake, made from avocado, so I truly doubt he will be able to enjoy chocolate avocado pudding.

I think we are feeling better- Less aches in the morning, less headaches and a few less pounds.  We are having some munchie cravings though. Sitting in front of the TV without a salty/sweet carb has become a necessity.

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