2 thoughts on “Welcome to my (and your) gluten free world

  1. Can gluten cause me to feel like I’ve been beaten up and kicked down the stairs? About a week ago I ate something with wheat and almost immediately my face started burning and itching then I went into about 5-6 days of gallbladder like symptoms. Now I hurt in my shoulders, lower back and upper thighs and it all seems to be muscle soreness like I’ve played softball without a warmup. Any ideas? I need some answers, I don’t know where to start. I’m all for food elimination and homeopathic remedies. Thanks

    • I would say yes. The reaction to the wheat on first intake sounds like an allergic reaction and the following gallbladder and aches and pains sound like the body reacting to the missed nutrients from the malabsorption the gluten causes. 1st go off of wheat, completely and utterly. Read everything, avoid eating out, or be overly cautious when eating out. It will take weeks, months to rid of that bit of gluten. Do some detox. Magnesium/epsom salt soaks.Rub on some mag oil. Drink a lot of water and hydrating drinks (I Like Nunn). Bump up the potassium, b12, and ADEK. Maybe eliminate all the grains for a bit, paleo type diet. All grains are tough to digest, just gives the gall bladder a break. Be patient. Your body is actually acting correctly to an invasion, just over doing it a bit, by attacking everything.

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