Wheat is Garbage

My cable recently lost the rights to my go to channel Turner Classic, old movies. So I have filled my TV obsession with brain numbing garbage like Hoarders, Buried Alive, Haunted, 600+ lb. Mom, Dad, Brother, Boyfriend etc. and a bit of Somewhere in this nations Housewives. Surprisingly I have learned something.

We can convince ourselves when something goes wrong as long as we don’t admit it we don’t have to be responsible for anything. Cover it up with food, junk, excessive living, excuses, medication. Blame it on others, circumstances, bad genes, keep doing the same thing, don’t change anything. Pretend there is something else, imagine anything, and it becomes real. EVERYTHING gets worse, more and more is effected, and then we become trapped, slaves, to our irresponsibility.

More and more people are being affected by gluten. The reason for this rise in Celiac diagnosis, or gluten intolerance is being debated.

Celiac disease is one of the few, genetic disease that does NOT ‘phase out’ through the generations. It actually become more prominent through the generations. Thus my having  all 3 sons and all 6 grandchildren with Celiac disease. Keith and I ‘coincidentally’ both having celiac disease seems to be some kind of ‘odds’ breaker too.

Wheat, which contains the gluten that is indigestible, by everyone, has been altered. So now we don’t digest gluten that is sterilized with gamma radiation or sodium azide, both toxic.

Some say the rise for gluten issues is because our food sources are not inundated with wheat. Our meats are wrapped in buns. Pizza dough flours have extra gluten added. Soy sauce is made from wheat,not soy. Sauces and gravies thickened with wheat, that we dip our already flour coated meats into. And of course when we go to eat a steak and salad, no gluten added, we are served and endless amount of extra gluten filled bread/rolls.

Pick any one, any two or all three, really it does not matter. Gluten intolerance, whether it be called Celiac Sprue(disease), gluten sensitivity or NCGS(Non Celiac Gluten Sensitivity), is affecting more and more people, maybe even everyone, everywhere.

Most though do not want to admit wheat/gluten is a problem. It is easier, somehow, to tell ourselves to have surgery, to take medication with life endangering side effects, to ‘fix’ the problem. We could just admit we need to change one small part of our lives, take the wheat out of our diet.But instead of hearing the hamburgers, and pizza are the problems for our depression, and headaches and IBS and joint pain and… we want to blame others, the stress, the genetics. We would rather believe the stories of ghosts. We have inherited arthritis, migraines. Eating greasy foods and chocolate gives us acne. Ulcers are from infections. Your IBS is Crohn’s, in need of medications. We wont realize that malabsorption caused from gluten sitting in our guts is the only thing between us and healthy living. We let the experts and their fancy machines and medicines steal us our freedom to know the truth.

Wheat is garbage

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