Bible Study Anyone?

I recently found a blog spot called Good Morning Girls  an online Bible study group. I am two weeks late in finding it, at least as the time line for the now Bible study of Ephesians.  I contacted a few friends to see if they wanted to participate, with GMG, which is consists of doing Bible study and emailing each other saying you did. Not much of a response, yet.  My contacts are probably a lot like me, the accountability thing takes more time to do than the thing we are needing to be accountable to.  Don’t get me wrong GMG seems like a great great idea, it has spurred me to do this. I myself get caught up in doing the program or trying to figure out the program then I miss the material.  Blogging does the same to me, I get caught up making it look right, setting up the pages and posts then nothing gets put in.

I did the same with my recent Bible Study of reading the Bible. It started with downloading a Bible on my Iphone from  You Version which has other tools, like reading plans.  I started a read the Bible in 90 days about April of last year.  I loved it!! I did not do it in 90 days though, more like 6 months.  It took me longer for a few reasons, I took longer with certain scripture, than the plan asked for. I usually did not read on weekends, I study SS lesson and go to church, and Keith around and… not a lot of me and Thee time on weekends.  We had 2 weeks in Zambia for mission trip, no internet really. And I did have a few days I just didn’t get to.  That is OK, I read the Bible from Genisis to Revelations, I listened to God through his word practically every day for 6 months.  It was /is amazing! At first I got real anal about missing days, feeling failure, concentrating on the missing of instead of the starting back up.  Just like dieting, succumb to a peice of cake and I figure all the months of no sugar are now gone to waste.

Now I see the err of my ways sooner, sometimes. I like the idea of GMG, and it is obviously a great activty for a lot of women.  It spurred me to start an Ephesians Bible study of my own. Right here on this here blog.  Now if any of my fellow followers Women and MEN want to do the same join in! I will post a section of the book of Ephesians each- Wednesday (I am starting today).  In each section I will add my observations of scripture as I see it, in a different colored text. Through out the week I invite you to add posts of your observations, of the scripture and my and others thoughts, along with prayers or any commentary you may have.  I will continue this until Ephesians is completed.

GMG has a great link to, it is an online note taker- I like the S.O.A.P anagram as a study tool, if you want to try it out with your study here it is:

Scripture: Type in the verse or verses that stuck out to you in your reading.

 ObservationWhat did you observe about the scripture that struck you.

 Application How can you apply the observation so that it affects your life today.

 Prayer Write out a prayer to God based on what you just learned and ask him to help you apply this truth in your life.

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