You got sense

Sometimes I just want to grab people by the throats, hair, small intestines and tell them they make NO SENSE!  And it may be you.

I don’t understand why it is so hard to grasp the idea, (factual idea) that wheat is not a ‘Good’ thing in the human diet. The majority seem to think they have to have a doctors note to not eat wheat, like it is something essential like water.

Seriously look at what we will do without doctors permission;

  • We remove the evil stuff called sugar from our diets, because it ‘makes’ us fat and replace it with the man made chemical aspartame.
  • We remove aspartame from our diets when we find on our own from experience that makes us sick, gives us headaches.
  •  We remove fats from our diet because it makes us fat (not the fact that we sit on our duffs and eat and eat and eat), and it raises our  ‘bad’ cholesterol.
  • We remove meat from our diets because eating it is cruel to eat cows and chickens. And of course it has fat in it (Did you ever see a fat cow or chicken?)
  • We remove fruits and vegetables from our diets because they contain sugar ,eventually (carbs).
  •  We remove milk and milk products because all stomach aches are bound to be lactose intolerance.
  • We eat Accai berry,because it is suppose to make us look younger and loose weight.
  • We drink Oolong Tea because Oprah Winfrey did.

The list goes on and on of the foods we will deprive ourselves, or cram down our throats, all because we have grasped onto some  theory or  because enough other people have done it, so it is bound to be right.  Even doctors will not  argue on these fads, let you make your decision, even suggest and support them. Without tests.  Yet, when it comes to self diagnosing and concluding that wheat gluten is not tolerated or digested well, by many, and yourself, the doctors, the experts raise an eyebrow, want proof by testing. Want blood work to show the anti giadans at work. Want biopsies. Want you to spend money and more agony to find out something you figured out by not eating gluten for a month and getting better , all by your self.

I don’t like the fact that doctors will not ‘allow’ one to be gluten intolerant, without tests, but I really hold the fault of ‘No Sense’ to the public. To those who know that their symptoms fit one who has gluten intolerance and will not remove wheat, because their doctor does not believe it, because it is just such a rare disease. To those who have removed wheat and feel better without it, have healed skin and stomachs, yet their blood work does not show gluten intolerance, so they go back on wheat and get sick again. To those who believe in food pyramids and nutrition guides that say we must eat whole grain wheat for digestion, and don’t consider it all coming out as it went in actually shows it DID NOT digest!

Why do you need a blood test or a biopsy to tell you your digestive/skin/ gallbladder/ allergies/memory/anemia issues are from wheat/gluten, when you could just stop eating wheat/gluten for a couple of months and notice the difference.

I just removed sugar and bread/starch carbs from my diet, because I know I am overweight.  I did not need a doctor to tell me that.  Through my own observations of my diet and my eating habits I concluded this could be a benefit to my weight loss.  Guess what? I am losing weight, no doctors note, no blood test. Just some common sense, theory and application (discipline) and now I have results.  Didn’t have to have an MD for that!

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