The Deficiency Snowball


I have a vitamin D deficiency. Not surprising. With Celiac absorption of A-D-E K, the fat soluble are an issue, as well as Magnesium, Potassium, B12, and , and , and.

I was surprised when I looked up the symptoms of vitamin D deficiency. Seriously, this malabsorption stuff with gluten intolerance and autoimmune issues is the ONLY thing ‘wrong’ with me. If doctors would look at that first, I would have no health problems at all.

My blood pressure, for years has been just a couple of beats more than a zombies, (112/70) suddenly has become high, 136/89.  It is a bit of white coat syndrome, I can get a normal reading at home, but normal 120/80 ,is high for me.  The ‘high’ is not high enough to medicate, but enough that ‘they’ always mention it.

The worlds largest study to examine the link between vitamin D levels and hypertension has found tha low levels of Vitamin D can be a major cause of hypertension  

I STRUGGLE with my weight. I do enjoy food. But I do not eat the a lot of fatty greasy carb filled foods. I do not eat enough food to maintain my over abundant self. My petite,  daughter in law, who at times  is underweight,  eats much more than I do.   I ate  low cal, no carb, no sugar, no dairy, and running 4 miles every day, for a year lost me 30 lbs. Seriously?!

In cases of overweight people, blood tests have shown that there is high cholesterol level in blood but also low vitamin D level.  By the way, my cholesterol is just above the ‘good’ level:(

These past 2 years my lab work has shown small elevated levels in my blood sugar, and I have heard the talk of risks of diabetes. So need to watch it. :(

In summary, vitamin D has the potential to prevent Type 1 as well as Type 2 diabetes. It can also prevent the devastating complications of diabetes such as heart attacks and kidney failure. 

In this last medical visit, I was finally was ‘re’ diagnosed with low thyroid. I have been ‘border line’ on paper, and definite with symptoms for years.

Vitamin D also has a direct effect on thyroid health, as this vitamin has been shown to influence thyrocytes directly by attenuating thytrophin (TSH)stimulated iodide uptake and cell growth (3).  

One of my thyroid symptoms has been hair loss. It fluctuates. I started taking Raw Thyroid, over the counter, and it really seemed to help. Now reading that there is a relation between Thyroid and D, I understand more.  And with this information:

Researchers at Cairo University found that women who were experiencing hair loss also had lower levels of iron and vitamin D2—and hair loss only got worse as the levels dropped.

Another snowflake in this snowball. The doctor found the D deficiency and low thyroid in my lab work, while confirming my low estrogen (menopause from hell, result of 15 years of no uterus and ovaries, AND being over 50.) Guess what? Vitamin D deficiency declines sex hormones, i.e.. estrogen.  

VitaminD plays a vital role for menopausal women, in particular, those over 50. Women in their 30s and 40s should also pay attention to vitamin d. – See more here:

Add this to , my finding a few years ago I had a magnesium deficiency. I become dehydrated easily. I have migraines that are relieved by taking magnesium. drinking sports drinks with mag, or NuNN tabs.

We know, that vitamin D to get absorbed in the bloodstream requires magnesium to convert it into its active state, and it is also a fact that vitamin D blood levels will fail to rise in those who are already magnesium deficient, irrespective of their vitamin D consumption

Magnesium is essential to a healthy body. Magnesium is absorbed through the gut. D needs magnesium to be absorbed. D regulates the absorption of calcium. Thyroid needs calcium to function.  D is one of those fat soluble that get absorbed through stomach. D messes with the sex hormones. Magnesium is needed for a healthy heart. Magnesium is messenger for insulin. The endocrine system depends on magnesium to regulate energy,the metabolism. Vitamin D is thought to be a ‘reason’ for autoimmune disease. It all goes together in one big snowball.

A snowball effect. Doctors are not putting all of this together. Some do come close, by treating the insufficiency, with nutrients and not meds. Few, though, are coming to the correct conclusion. One small grain, that our world has come to believe is essential to our diet, is the cause of this avalanche.  What if I had never eaten wheat? Would I have had a hysterectomy from Adenomyosis in my 30’s? Would I be 40+ lbs overweight? Would my D be low? Would my nails be strong? Would I have broken every toe, 3 fingers, a wrist and a rib? Would I have tinnitus? Would I have arthritis in my shoulders? Would I have had PMS? Would I have migraines? Would I have crows feet? Would  I have asthma? Would I have been a perfect wife and mother? We will never know!!

DANGER- Poison

Sodium azide is potentially deadly chemical,an odorless white solid. When mixed with water or an acid, it changes quickly into a toxic gas.When it comes in contact with solid metals, i.e. a copper or lead pipe, it changes to a toxic gas, hydrazioic acid.  The gas produced does have an odor, but may not be enough to warn people of the danger.

Within minutes of breathing Sodium azide or if you eat it, or it is absorbed through your skin, you could develop these symptoms: clear drainage from nose(breath)




Nausea and vomiting

Rapid breathing

Rapid heart rate

Red eyes



Skin burns(contact)

Large amount of SA exposure:


Low blood pressure

Loss of consciousness

Lung injury

Respiratory Failure

Slow heart rate

The results of sodium azide poisoning varies, dependent on the amount and the venue of the poisoning.

Sodium Azide is lethal. Concentrated amounts will kill.   Sodium azide prevents the cells of the body from using oxygen, this causes the cells to die. SA is more harmful to the heart and bran than the other organs, because of their extreme need of oxygen.  Brain damage and heart damage are to be expected if one survives exposure to Sodium Azide

CDC lists Sodium Azide as a chemical hazard, and the how-to of disposal and first aide.

Where is sodium azide? How do you prevent poisoning?

Sodium Azide is in airbags, it is used to ‘combust’ and explode the bags.

Sodiom Azide is used in hospitals and laboratories as a chemical preservative. There are several precautions taken to prevent exposure to this.

Sodium Azide is use in detonators and other explosives.

All precaution are taken in hospitals and labs to prevent exposure. Immediate action it taken when one is exposed to it.  Those that work with sodium azide building explosives and airbags take every precaution necessary to prevent exposure.

The general public are completely safe from exposure to Sodium Azide.

Or are we?

Sodium Azide is used in agriculture, farming, for pest control, Sodium Azide is radiated, injected, mutated into wheat. The wheat is MUTATED, it becomes bug resistant, disease resistant, and produced in more abundance. The mutagen enters the cell of the living organism s to interact with the DNA….  The disease that interacts, the bug that eats, is altered,to death, by the mutated wheat protein(gluten). Is there any possibility the human could be affected?  Yes.

This could be why EVERYONE has suddenly become wheat/gluten intolerant. , we are being poisoned by sodium azide in the wheat.

Check it what others have found out about this. Don’t stay ignorant, be well.

Wheat is Garbage

My cable recently lost the rights to my go to channel Turner Classic, old movies. So I have filled my TV obsession with brain numbing garbage like Hoarders, Buried Alive, Haunted, 600+ lb. Mom, Dad, Brother, Boyfriend etc. and a bit of Somewhere in this nations Housewives. Surprisingly I have learned something.

We can convince ourselves when something goes wrong as long as we don’t admit it we don’t have to be responsible for anything. Cover it up with food, junk, excessive living, excuses, medication. Blame it on others, circumstances, bad genes, keep doing the same thing, don’t change anything. Pretend there is something else, imagine anything, and it becomes real. EVERYTHING gets worse, more and more is effected, and then we become trapped, slaves, to our irresponsibility.

More and more people are being affected by gluten. The reason for this rise in Celiac diagnosis, or gluten intolerance is being debated.

Celiac disease is one of the few, genetic disease that does NOT ‘phase out’ through the generations. It actually become more prominent through the generations. Thus my having  all 3 sons and all 6 grandchildren with Celiac disease. Keith and I ‘coincidentally’ both having celiac disease seems to be some kind of ‘odds’ breaker too.

Wheat, which contains the gluten that is indigestible, by everyone, has been altered. So now we don’t digest gluten that is sterilized with gamma radiation or sodium azide, both toxic.

Some say the rise for gluten issues is because our food sources are not inundated with wheat. Our meats are wrapped in buns. Pizza dough flours have extra gluten added. Soy sauce is made from wheat,not soy. Sauces and gravies thickened with wheat, that we dip our already flour coated meats into. And of course when we go to eat a steak and salad, no gluten added, we are served and endless amount of extra gluten filled bread/rolls.

Pick any one, any two or all three, really it does not matter. Gluten intolerance, whether it be called Celiac Sprue(disease), gluten sensitivity or NCGS(Non Celiac Gluten Sensitivity), is affecting more and more people, maybe even everyone, everywhere.

Most though do not want to admit wheat/gluten is a problem. It is easier, somehow, to tell ourselves to have surgery, to take medication with life endangering side effects, to ‘fix’ the problem. We could just admit we need to change one small part of our lives, take the wheat out of our diet.But instead of hearing the hamburgers, and pizza are the problems for our depression, and headaches and IBS and joint pain and… we want to blame others, the stress, the genetics. We would rather believe the stories of ghosts. We have inherited arthritis, migraines. Eating greasy foods and chocolate gives us acne. Ulcers are from infections. Your IBS is Crohn’s, in need of medications. We wont realize that malabsorption caused from gluten sitting in our guts is the only thing between us and healthy living. We let the experts and their fancy machines and medicines steal us our freedom to know the truth.

Wheat is garbage

Gluten the Road Block

Gluten is a big semi truck jackknifed across the highway. Maybe a motorcycle can get through, or a person can walk through the space, (little bits of nutrients) but the traffic basically stuck until the semi is removed.  Removing the the traffic takes forever to get back to it’s normal speed.  There is probably structural damage,(esophagus, stomach, colon) and maybe a few other wrecks (i.e. ulcers, colon damage)  to clean up behind the semi. Then those stuck in traffic have issues, being late to destinations, at least. What happens if the doctor stuck in traffic did not make it to the surgery….. One mishap leads to another.

In a Celiac or gluten intolerant person nutritional deficiencies are  a symptom of not digesting wheat gluten. The non digestion of the gluten/protien is the semi truck, causes the nutrients to blocked from being absorbed as needed, which causes various, if not all other body failures. The reaction in myself and others varies, dependent on how healthy the body is, the genetic weakness towards cancer, or bone disease, our gender, etc.

I will venture to say that even those who are not diagnosed with Celiac or gluten intolerance. Those who are diagnosed with nutritional, autoimmune disease, skin disease, cancers… might consider WHY? Why is your body failing you. Something is causing your arthritis, asthma, psoriasis, ulcers, infertility…… Could it be not digesting the un-digestable wheat protien, gluten?

Check out this article, on results of nutritional deficiencies.

via Fatigue and Nutritional Deficiencies.