Wheat is Garbage

My cable recently lost the rights to my go to channel Turner Classic, old movies. So I have filled my TV obsession with brain numbing garbage like Hoarders, Buried Alive, Haunted, 600+ lb. Mom, Dad, Brother, Boyfriend etc. and a bit of Somewhere in this nations Housewives. Surprisingly I have learned something.

We can convince ourselves when something goes wrong as long as we don’t admit it we don’t have to be responsible for anything. Cover it up with food, junk, excessive living, excuses, medication. Blame it on others, circumstances, bad genes, keep doing the same thing, don’t change anything. Pretend there is something else, imagine anything, and it becomes real. EVERYTHING gets worse, more and more is effected, and then we become trapped, slaves, to our irresponsibility.

More and more people are being affected by gluten. The reason for this rise in Celiac diagnosis, or gluten intolerance is being debated.

Celiac disease is one of the few, genetic disease that does NOT ‘phase out’ through the generations. It actually become more prominent through the generations. Thus my having  all 3 sons and all 6 grandchildren with Celiac disease. Keith and I ‘coincidentally’ both having celiac disease seems to be some kind of ‘odds’ breaker too.

Wheat, which contains the gluten that is indigestible, by everyone, has been altered. So now we don’t digest gluten that is sterilized with gamma radiation or sodium azide, both toxic.

Some say the rise for gluten issues is because our food sources are not inundated with wheat. Our meats are wrapped in buns. Pizza dough flours have extra gluten added. Soy sauce is made from wheat,not soy. Sauces and gravies thickened with wheat, that we dip our already flour coated meats into. And of course when we go to eat a steak and salad, no gluten added, we are served and endless amount of extra gluten filled bread/rolls.

Pick any one, any two or all three, really it does not matter. Gluten intolerance, whether it be called Celiac Sprue(disease), gluten sensitivity or NCGS(Non Celiac Gluten Sensitivity), is affecting more and more people, maybe even everyone, everywhere.

Most though do not want to admit wheat/gluten is a problem. It is easier, somehow, to tell ourselves to have surgery, to take medication with life endangering side effects, to ‘fix’ the problem. We could just admit we need to change one small part of our lives, take the wheat out of our diet.But instead of hearing the hamburgers, and pizza are the problems for our depression, and headaches and IBS and joint pain and… we want to blame others, the stress, the genetics. We would rather believe the stories of ghosts. We have inherited arthritis, migraines. Eating greasy foods and chocolate gives us acne. Ulcers are from infections. Your IBS is Crohn’s, in need of medications. We wont realize that malabsorption caused from gluten sitting in our guts is the only thing between us and healthy living. We let the experts and their fancy machines and medicines steal us our freedom to know the truth.

Wheat is garbage

Gluten the Road Block

Gluten is a big semi truck jackknifed across the highway. Maybe a motorcycle can get through, or a person can walk through the space, (little bits of nutrients) but the traffic basically stuck until the semi is removed.  Removing the the traffic takes forever to get back to it’s normal speed.  There is probably structural damage,(esophagus, stomach, colon) and maybe a few other wrecks (i.e. ulcers, colon damage)  to clean up behind the semi. Then those stuck in traffic have issues, being late to destinations, at least. What happens if the doctor stuck in traffic did not make it to the surgery….. One mishap leads to another.

In a Celiac or gluten intolerant person nutritional deficiencies are  a symptom of not digesting wheat gluten. The non digestion of the gluten/protien is the semi truck, causes the nutrients to blocked from being absorbed as needed, which causes various, if not all other body failures. The reaction in myself and others varies, dependent on how healthy the body is, the genetic weakness towards cancer, or bone disease, our gender, etc.

I will venture to say that even those who are not diagnosed with Celiac or gluten intolerance. Those who are diagnosed with nutritional, autoimmune disease, skin disease, cancers… might consider WHY? Why is your body failing you. Something is causing your arthritis, asthma, psoriasis, ulcers, infertility…… Could it be not digesting the un-digestable wheat protien, gluten?

Check out this article, on results of nutritional deficiencies.

via Fatigue and Nutritional Deficiencies.


I have been hearing and reading lately that the gluten free fad is detrimental to those of us who are Celiac, or have a truly uly diagnosed by a MD, illness that is remedied by removing wheat.  I don’t understand this thinking.

I for one want EVERYONE, EVERYWHERE, to stop eating wheat/gluten. Gluten is not ever digested in any body, it just passes right through, or get’s stuck in some. Like the outside shell of corn. So it really has no nutritional value, it is not needed. I believe with all my heart soul and gut that wheat does do harm to everyone, some more than others. Like alcohol.

What is the problem with the someone who has read or heard that wheat gluten is indigestible, and decides that they don’t want it in their body? How can the person(s) who have found healing from migraines, IBS, GERD, arthritis, diabetes, gall bladder disease, dementia, autistic complications, by voluntarily removing wheat gluten from their diets be a problem for me and my celiac induced gluten free diet?

The ‘proud’ Celiacs of the world say the problem with gluten free becoming a fad, is in restaurants. Those that prepare the food, serve, have been made complacent to the necessity of NO GLUTEN when a ‘true’ celiac asks for gluten free. Sorry guys, but this is stupid.  You are blaming someone asking for gluten free who does not have a ‘written note’ from the doctor for your receiving gluten contaminated food?

The problem is not the ‘others’. It is US, the diagnosed sick ones who have stopped being our own advocates. Yes gluten free items are making it onto the menus. Buns, pizza crusts, pasta, desserts. This does not mean though that the people behind the swinging door know anything more about gluten free food or preparation than they did last year. To the kitchen staff it is just another item on the menu, that the get’s a 2$ up charge.  The french fries are still being fried in the same vat as the flour coated chicken fried steak. That has not changed. The server still roll their eyes when you ask for a Caesar salad with no croutons, then bring you the basket full of rolls. No, they don’t think you are going to keel over from ingesting tortilla chips fried with the chimichanga, because you are not. Somehow ‘we’ have the idea that the new waitress at Johnny Carinos actually knows the difference between the regular pizza crust/pasta and the gluten free crust/pasta. That she knows what gluten free means. That she cares if we go home and spend the evening in the bathroom, or not.  The ‘fad’ has demanded a supply of gluten free food, not knowledge. We still MUST see all food outside our homes and known safe places, as potentially gluten full. It is our responsibility.

It really does not matter who decides to not eat wheat/gluten or why. You know wheat gluten is bad for you. It does not matter if the server or the doctor or your mother in law believes that wheat is the cause for your health issues. You know wheat gluten is bad for you. It does not matter if the test comes back negative for celiac. You know wheat gluten is bad for you. It does not matter if those McDonald french fries keep calling your name. You know wheat gluten is bad for you. It does not matter if people think you are nuts because you don’t eat wheat. You know wheat gluten is bad for you. It does not matter what THEY say or do- You KNOW wheat gluten is bad for YOU. You know WHEAT GLUTEN IS BAD FOR YOU.

Galations 1:I am astonished that you are so quickly deserting the one who called you to live in the grace of Christ and are turning to a different gospel— which is really no gospel at all. Evidently some people are throwing you into confusion and are trying to pervert the gospel of Christ. But even if we or an angel from heaven should preach a gospel other than the one we preached to you, let them be under God’s curse! As we have already said, so now I say again: If anybody is preaching to you a gospel other than what you accepted, let them be under God’s curse!10 Am I now trying to win the approval of human beings, or of God? Or am I trying to please people? If I were still trying to please people, I would not be a servant of God. 

Mandatory Option-Go Gluten Free


My co-op electric company that un-co-oped a few years ago has finally had to let us choose our own electric. Which is really a good thing, this coop has had a bit of a monopoly going for years, and we have literally paid for it.  Thus the needed de-regulation. We HAVE to pick a new REP. If we don’t choose one on our own, one will be assigned to us, randomly, at a higher rate.   I researched and compared prices and customer ratings up until just before the deadline to choose. I don’t want to a provider that ends up being more $$$ than one I would be assigned. I don’t want to get one that has crappy customer service. I don’t want one that has a hidden fee. I don’t want a neighbor tell me they got a better deal than I.  I will still have to pay a supply charge to my ‘old’ electric company, through the new company. And of course any repairs or outages are the responsibility of my ‘old’ undesirable electric company. I would prefer that the monopoly not get anymore of my money. That is not an option though. They govern getting the electricity put through the power lines. (It is like Ma Bell and the government, they still get their cut) I do though have the option to find a company with lower energy rates. And I wont have to deal with the ex- Coop if I pay my bills on time, and protect my property from external forces like mother nature or cars running into the poles. Also having the REP’s involved gives the customer more representation in this, it is not just the piddly ole customer the ex-co-op has to answer to it is the REP’s and the Texas Electric commission.

This is all kind of like Celiac/gluten intolerance. We don’t want to have the problems involved with eating wheat. We know in order to get well we need to stop eating wheat. If we don’t take action and quit wheat, then we will have more problems to deal with. We will have our body pick which part will fail.  We could just continue to eat wheat and let the doctor be the proactive one and prescribe RX and surgery for the symptoms, instead of the cause. We then will end up paying more, physically and financially. We will still have to deal with the symptoms of gluten intolerance but also the symptoms of the RX and surgeries.  The general public tells us we are wrong (sometimes the doctors), to remove wheat, they ridicule us for making a choice different than theirs. When we do remove wheat we still have gluten intolerance, still can never eat wheat/gluten without having to ‘pay’ for it. . We have to pay more monetarily for our food, a lot of the time. But by taking control of the situation and removing wheat/gluten, by taking ownership of ourselves, we allow ourselves other options. We do heal. No more meds. No more Dr. visits.  We can eat many of the foods we once had to remove, usually everything BUT wheat/gluten can now be consumed. Once we accept gluten intolerance is real, and we are affected by it we find others who too know this. We have our experience of healing and theirs to present to the nay sayers, giving us more ‘clout’.  If we just accept that the human body can not digest wheat gluten, and do all we can to protect ourselves from it, we will no longer have to deal with the effects of it.


I know a woman whose mother has been diagnosed with Celiac, her sister has celiac, nieces and nephews have celiac. Her son has been have stomach issues for a long time, moodiness, and acne are the newest symptoms he is exhibiting. Because of her ‘experience’, she knows it is Celiac. The doctor though did a blood test, and it didn’t show positive for Celiac. She knows the blood test for Celiac is fallible. She knows that they should remove the wheat, and then watch for the results. She knows even for herself many of her own maladies would disappear if she removed wheat. But even knowing all of this,  because the test did not confirm what she knows, she will continue to feed her son wheat, and pepcide, and accutane and deal with the side effects of those. WHY? To respect a close minded MD? To not have to ‘take away’ pizza from her son? So he and she won’t have to face the ridicule of those who don’t agree with gluten free living? Or is she focused on the one unmovable, unchangeable, non-option, and loosing control by doing so?  Yes.

We have the option to face the inevitable. Go Gluten Free!