14 A Picture of Someone You Never Imagine Your Life Without


The Man I married- Lost a bet and his moustache- Still smiling

Always in action

A man of many Talents

Pancakes-for his Aunt Jemima

All I need for Christmas, forever

Always a lover of women

Multi talented AND good lookin


A REAL friend to anyone and everyone, all over the world


Care Giver


Humble, when absolutely necessary

A leader, no matter where he is in line

A Clown

Proud Pawpaw

World traveler

Goes where he has to to get what he needs

Boots are Keith, -

On top of the world


P -A-R-T-Y

A brother to MY brother

A son to MY dad

The father of our sons


To Have

To Hold

Dares to be gorgeous

Is gorgeous

My Super man!

My life without Keith? Unimaginable. He has given me love, support, instruction, happiness, a bit of misery, friendship beyond any other, a family that is mine all mine. Security, a home, joy. Everything I have that brings me joy is because God blessed me with Keith.